Frequently Asked Questions - Quadruplex 600 V PowrServ® XL Cables

How can I identify Quadruplex 600 V PowrServ® XL cable?
If you want to know if the cable you are buying or installing is Quadruplex 600 V PowrServ® XL cable, look at its color. If you remove the insulation on one end, you will see that it appears silver-white in color. Inside it there are three conductors known as phase conductors and a fourth one known as neutral conductor. You can also look at the insulation which is made of a black extruded lead-free XLPE. 

How is Quadruplex 600 V PowrServ® XL cable engineered for better performance
The cable is made of compressed 1350-H19 aluminum which has good conductivity and is resistant to corrosion. The aluminum is also lightweight which makes the installation work to be easy. The insulation made of cross linked polyethylene can be used in low and high temperatures. It has hydrolysis resistance and high abrasion resistance. It also resists impact and sunlight. 

In what applications can I use Quadruplex 600 V PowrServ® XL cable
Quadruplex 600 V PowrServ® XL cable is meant to be used in underground systems in voltages of 600 volts or less. 

Are there other options in the construction of Quadruplex 600 V PowrServ® XL cable?
Yes, you can have the conductors made of copper and an insulation made of high molecular weight polyethylene insulation which is rated for temperatures of 75 degrees Celsius. The cable may come with an HDPE duct for more protection especially if it is going to be used in areas that experience high traffic. 

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