Frequently Asked Questions- Overhead (OH) Triplex Service Drop Cable

How will I identify Overhead (OH) triplex service drop cable?
There are various things you can look for if you want to know that the cable you’re buying or installing is Overhead (OH) triplex service drop cable. Look at the core material. It is made of aluminum and therefore it looks silver-white in color. You will find two conducted and a third one that acts as a supporting neutral. The first two conductors are insulated with XLPE and the third one (neutral) is bare meaning it does not have an insulation. The color of the XLPE insulation used in the cable is black.

How is Overhead (OH) triplex service drop cable designed to ensure optimal performance?
The aluminum material used to make the conductors ensures resistance to corrosion. Because aluminum is lightweight, it ensures that the installation job is done easily. Insulation material used in this cable resists sunlight and impact. It also resists abrasion and it can be used in low and high temperature conditions. 

In what applications do I need to use Overhead (OH) triplex service drop cable
You can use this cable is you want to install a single-phase power to the service-entrance conductors within a building. The cable delivers the power from the secondary power line but it can also draw power from pole mounted transformers. 

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