Frequently Asked Questions- Overhead (OH) Quadruplex Service Drop Cable

How can I identify PowrServ OH QuadruplexService Drop Cable Neutral-Supported?
If you want to knowit’s PowrServ OH Quadruplex Service Drop Cable Neutral-Supported, look at the appearance of the conductors. There are three conductor each with strands and a bare conductor which acts as the supporting neutral. The three conductors are bundled together while the neutral is separate. The service drop cable has an insulation made of cross-linked polyethylene XLPE that is black in color.

What Features make the Quadruplex Overhead Service Drop Cable to perform well?
The insulation made of XLPE resists elements such as abrasion, weather, tearing, chemical, and cutting. These service drop cables are found in pole lines and they drop the power from the transformer to the service entrance or a building or a structure. It is meant for an overhead installation meaning that it is exposed to elements such as UV light, wind, moisture and water, among others. To be able to withstand these damaging elements, the conductors need to be protected adequately and that why XLPE comes in handy. 

Where can I use Quadruplex Overhead Service Drop Cable?
If you are installing electricity in your home and you want to get the power from the secondary power line or you are getting it from pole mounted transformer, you may want to use this three-phase cable with a neutral conductor forming the fourth wire. Sometimes, the cable may be used in pole line secondary installation. You can use the cable if you are dropping power to a commercial or residential building. 

Can the Quadruplex Overhead Service Drop Cable be made of a different construction? 
Yes, it can be made of copper conductors. Also, you may have an insulation made of HDPE if the power distribution cables will be installed underground or where there is inherent exposure to things such as rodents. 

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