Frequently Asked Questions-  Duplex 600 V PowrServ® XL cables

How do I identifyDuplex 600 V PowrServ® XL cables?
When you want to know if it’s Duplex 600 V PowrServ® XL cable, you can look at the appearance of the conductor. It is made of aluminum so, it looks silvery white. You may also want to look at the insulation, which is made of cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE). The cable has two conductors- a phase conductor and a neutral conductor. Looking at the phase conductor, it is black and the neutral conductor is also black, however, it has extruded yellow stripes.

Are there alternative conductors you can get?
Yes, there is an option of copper conductor. 

How areDuplex 600 V PowrServ® XL cables engineered to meet their performance
These cables are made using an insulation made of XLPE. This ensures that they are resistant to sunlight, impact, and abrasion. The insulation material ensures that the cable is used in applications of up to 90 degrees Celsius in dry or wet conditions.

Is the XLPE usedDuplex 600 V PowrServ® XL cables lead free?
Yes, the insulation is lead free ensuring safety of the technicians and people. 

In what applications can I use these cables?
600 V PowrServ XL cables are designed for underground distribution and they can be used in direct burial or they may be used in duct installations. 

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