Frequently Asked Questions - PowrServ® CDC® Combined Duct & Cable

How can I identify PowrServ® CDC® Combined Duct &Cable?
If you are doing a cable installation and want to know if the cable you have is PowrServ® CDC® Combined Duct & Cable, look to see that it has a conduit or duct. The conduit is made of high density polyethylene material. The HDPE conduit is black in color. It is also coilable with a smooth wall. 

In what applications can I use PowrServ® CDC® Combined Duct & Cable
This duct and cable is made for underground secondary distribution systems. It offers an economical alternative to those pulling cables that were previously used to provide installation over short lengths of duct and with sleeve couplings. 

What features madePowrServ® CDC® Combined Duct & Cable to perform well
First, the duct and cable is light ensuring that it can be moved easily when doing the installations. It is also flexible meaning that in locations where there are corners, it can take the bends and ensure it fits pretty well. This way, the installation process is made easy. 

Again, the conduit made of HDPE offers high impact resistance ensuring that the cables are protected from hard or sharp objects for example, sharp edges of rocks or any traffic that may pass over the installations. 

PowrServ Combined Duct & Cable saves money in the labor cost. It eliminates the ground disruptions while reducing the replacement costs. The cables can be pulled for repair easily without having the excavate the entire ground. 

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