Frequently Asked Questions- PowerNet® 600 V network cable

I want to install PowerNet® 600 V network cable, how do I identify the cable?
The cable is made of copper so it is going to look coppery when you examine its core part. Another element that can help you identify PowerNet® 600 V network cable is its insulation and jacket. Look to see that the cable is insulated using EAM insulation and a jacket made of a thermoset. 

What are the benefits of EAM insulation inPowerNet® 600 V network cable
EAM insulation has a formulation consisting of an elastomer, and this material uses the typical ethylene backbone made using EPR formulation, however, this time, the formulation has a longer side chain. What this means is that the EAM compound helps in reducing spring back, trainability, and improving flexibility as well as trainability. All these features help in ensuring the installation process is easy.  

In what applications can I use PowerNet® 600 V network cable
PowrNet 600 V network cable is designed to be used in urban networks that are congested, especially in duct systems. These cables are ideal for use where high-reliability and ease in installation are needed. They are also designed in areas where safety of people is needed and that is why they are low smoke, low fume cables. In the event of fire, these cables may not release a lot of smoke or gas that may harm people.  

How arePowerNet® 600 V network cable engineered for enhanced performance?
The cables have an innovative ethylene-alkene copolymer (EAM) insulation that ensures flexibility, reliability, and greater performance. They are constructed to meet the challenging underground cabling environments and ensure that electrical power infrastructure does not disrupt the surrounding landscape. EAM insulation is designed to meet or exceed the performance of typical EPR and TRXLPE insulations. 

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