With the increased global trade and travel, ship operators are constantly seeking ways to reduce costs, improve safety, and enhance performance while at the same time checking on environmental concerns. One area that helps meet these goals is the cable installations. Shipboard cables are specifically designed to endure the harsh marine environments. MIL-DTL-24640 (M24640) shipboard cables have been designed to ensure performance, safety, and meet environmental protection demands. For example, the RSCC Aerodefense MIL-DTL-24640/1-13, 25 and 26 Lightweight Low Smoke Wire Cable are touted as some of the best for naval shipboards. They are used to conduct wiring installations in control systems, power circuits, electronics, instrumentation equipment, and communication equipment. These cables are used in water crafts, shipboard vessels, and seaplanes.

Special needs for shipboard wiring
Because there is nothing that can replace loss of human lives, an overriding concern is ensuring safety and security when aboard the ship vessels high in the waters. The cable products used in these vessels should ensure excellent fire performance.  The shipboard cables need to endure the harsh marine environment while at the same time solve the puzzles related to the increasing complexity on board. Everything from the lights, navigation communication systems, to the control and propeller systems, they should meet these demands. Telephone, coaxial, and data cables should ensure there is constant flow of information.

Surviving fire catastrophes
Regardless of the kind of ship, the systems used aboard the vessels be they communication, navigation, emergency responses, or pumping, they need to survive intense heat. Should there occur a fire outbreak, the cables that wire these systems should survive that episode. Again, heavy smoke, fumes, and gases need to be kept at minimal to protect the passengers, crew, and the equipment.

How MIL-DTL-24640/1-13, 25 and 26 meet shipboard safety
The MIL-DTL-24640/1-13, 25 and 26 cables are engineered to ensure top fire performance. They allow reduced smoke remittance, minimum toxicity, and no halogen. These cables have enhanced fire retardant and fire resistance qualities. They are designed to make sure that data and essential energy keep flowing in times of emergencies. This way, installing these cables in the shipboards ensures that there is enhanced protection of the crew, equipment, passengers, as well as the ship structure.

For instance, MIL-DTL-24640/1-13, 25 and 26 shipboard cable have insulation made of polyethylene, which is an ideal choice for coaxial as well as low capacitance cable operations. Polyethylene is highly used to protect cables used in high-speed transmissions. These shipboard cables also have a jacket made of cross-linked polyolefin, which offers excellent resistance to fire, flame, UV light and chemicals. The halogen free jacketing material ensures that there are no noxious substances released in the event the cable burns.

When buying MIL-DTL-24640 (M24640) cable, make sure that it has been designed to meet safety concerns. It should be able to endure incidents of fire and heat and ensure that it can remain functional even in times of fire emergencies or extreme heat. This way, you ensure safety of the passengers and the ship vessel.

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