If you are seeking military shipboard cables with medium wall, the RSCC Aerodefense SAE AS81044/12 cable may be a good option. RSCC Aerodefense SAE AS81044/12 Cable Lightweight Wall Cross-Linked PVDF 600V Wire Cable has superior electrical characteristics. They are ideal for high temperature environments and that is why they are often chosen for military applications. This lightweight wall cable is used in applications where harnessing and high density cabling are desired. So, what are the reasons that you should use this cable:

High temperature performance
Not every other cable may be used in high temperatures. The manufacturing of Aerodefense SAE AS81044/12 cable makes it perform outstandingly in high temperature environments. Made of soft annealed tin plated copper material, the cable has a good thermal performance. Tin improves the thermal stability of the cable while at the same time ensuring that it is easily worked on through soldering. The jacketing and insulation materials made of irradiation cross-linked extruded PVDF also enhance the thermal performance of the cable.

Size and weight advantage
The medium wall, light wall style of AS81044/12 cables ensures that the cables take small space and do not create weight problems. In applications where small size is an important factor, the cable provides practical solutions. It does not take up a lot of space and this ensures that high density cabling is easily managed to prevent downtimes, failures and allow for the installations to maintain the operating temperatures of 150 degrees Celsius.

Ability to work with
The small size wall and light wall also ensure ease of workability. The cable can be used in small spaces without creating problems to technicians. The small diameter of the cable allows for easy of installations while saving on space. Again, the tin coating makes it easy to solder the wire during installation or in times of repairs. AS81044/12 cable strips and stripes fast – it is easy to process when doing installations.

The safety of people
In military and shipboard applications, safety of people using equipment’s that have AS81044/12 cable installations is promoted. The cables have jackets and insulation materials that don’t release a lot of smoke. They are flame retardant and considered to be self extinguishing- both of which ensure safety in use of the cables.

Durability and performance
This lead wire enjoys excellent temperature and voltage rating because it is coated with tin. The jacket and insulation ensure the cable works well in severe conditions because they can resist elements like common military chemicals, notch propagation, shrink back, abrasion, and fire.

These are some of the reasons why you should choose RSCC Aerodefense SAE AS81044/12 cable for your military applications. The cable may also be used for commercial, missile, avionics, airframe, and other electronic applications. Always make sure you get quality cable products to ensure safety, efficiency, performance, and durability. The jackets and the insulation are key elements to look at, as they define the level of protection and safety of the cables. Also, ensure you use the cables in the right applications because the temperature and voltage rating should not be exceeded.

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