Wiring is one of the essential components in industrial environments- be it for heating equipment, communication, or other applications. A coherent aspect about industrial environments is that they tend to have extreme low or high temperatures for example the chemical processing plants, glass manufacturing plants, steel manufacturing plants, steam lines, and boiler areas. These environments may also expose the wires to effects of abrasion, mechanical abuse, underground burial, moisture, and oil. If the cables are not properly insulated and jacketed or covered with binder tapes for enhanced protection, they may suffer wear and tear. When deciding on the wire or cable to use for wiring in these environments, you ought to ensure you get the right product. Here are three industrial cables intended for use in high temperature environments:

FEP/FEP High Temperature Cable 200C/600V

Using the Radix Wire FEP/FEP High Temperature Cable 200C/600V allows you to have an edge over your wiring solutions. This high temperature cable is coated using copper and is made to work well in applications of up to 200 degrees and voltage of up to 600 volts. The reason the wire performs in such environments is because it can withstand oxidation at high temperatures. It also has insulation and outer covering both made of fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) to protect it against water, underground burial, alkali, acid, and degreaser solvents. The insulation resists flame, ozone, abrasion, oxidation, oil, and heat.

Fluidgard 250 High Temperature Cable 250C/600V

The Radix Wire Fluidgard 250 High Temperature Cable 250C/600V is a cable made of nickel-plated copper and does well in applications with temperatures reaching 250 degrees Celsius and voltage of up to 600 volts. It has a PFA insulation to protect it against fluid, moisture, abrasions, and mechanical abuse. An PTFE fluoropolymer overall binder tape gives protection from moisture and the braided aramid K-fiber outer jacketing makes it resistant to flame, heat, and moisture. 

Temperflex High Temperature Cable 250C/600V

The Radix Wire Temperflex High Temperature Cable 250C/600V is a nickel coated copper cable insulated with a fused PTFE fluoropolymer tape that has flame, solvent, and chemical resistance. It is ideal for use in locations were resistance to abrasion as well as cut through are needed.In these cables, the Radix Torque Free design is used to eliminate memory that is usually found within conventional left-hand or right-hand twisted cables.

So, if you are working on a wiring project in environments where there is likely to be high temperatures, you would want to choose a wire or cable that can resist such conditions.  The cables are engineered to ensure that they perform well even when exposed to high temperatures for extended periods. Getting your industrial high temperature cables from the right manufacturer also guarantees greater performance in the long run.

The different environments may have different conditions and if you do not examine properly where the wiring will be done, you may have a cable that is not properly protected. The insulation, jacketing, binder tapes, and reinforcements are all meant to ensure that each wire is ideal for use in specific locations and applications. 


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