When installing copper lead wires, whether for power, circuits, or other electrical connections in high temperature environments, you want to make sure that they perform adequately. Failure to choose the right wire and connect them properly may lead to premature equipment, circuit, or electrical connection failures. The Radix Wire TGKT High Temperature Lead Wire 250C 600V for instance, is a lead wire made of copper wire coated with nickel. This cable has a PTFE tape with glass braid insulation and an outer covering made of braided aramid fiber. Here are ways you can ensure your Radix Wire TGKT High Temperature Lead Wire lasts for longer:

Use it for the right applications
If you are going to get the best results from a high temperature copper wire, make sure that it is used for the right application. While there are different high temperature wires, they may not be designed for every other use. The application will also depend on the kind of extra protection the wire has. For example, the jacketing, shielding, and insulation will determine where you need to use the nickel-coated copper lead wire. The Radix Wire TGKT High Temperature Lead Wire 250C 600V is intended for use in environments experiencing temperatures of up to 250 degrees Celsius and in applications of up to 600 volts. It is ideal for use in wiring high temperature equipment such as floodlights, ceramic and glass kilns, band heaters, cartridge heaters, oil and gas fired furnaces, as well as trip heaters.

Connect the wires properly
Nickel coated lead wires tend to have some drawbacks which could pose connection issues if not checked. For instance, the wires are considered to have good conductivity and thermal performance. They can also be welded easily, but when it comes to soldering, that’s where issues arise. In order to address the problem of soldering the nickel-coated copper lead wires, you should make sure that you use the correct flux product. A professional electrician should be sought to do the wiring and use the right connection techniques and products.

Let the wiring be inspected time in time
High temperature environments tend to pose dangers of damage to copper wires. Although nickel-plated lead wires can perform well in areas of extreme temperatures, it is important that inspections are carried out regularly to determine if the cables are functioning properly. During an inspection, it is determined if the connections and the wiring have been done properly.

The technicians look at the coding of the wires and how they are connected. Again, inspecting the cables will unearth any kind of damage that may have occurred so that the situation can be remedied. 

Radix Wire TGKT High Temperature Lead Wire 250C 600V will last for longer and offer optimal performance if it is used in the right applications and regularly inspected of deformities or effects by mechanical, chemical, and environmental elements. This way, you ensure that you don’t suffer down times and unexpected costs due to equipment malfunction, electrical damage, or some other faults caused by improperly installed wires or cables used in the wrong applications. 

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