When it comes to installing electrical wires or using cables to provide internal and external wiring on machinery, control circuits, signal circuits, equipment, or other applications, you need to make sure that you get the right product. Often times, when you shop for the cables and wires, you may not be sure what to look out for. Choosing the right cable reduces equipment failures, unnecessary replacements, and down times. The Control Cable Multi-Conductor 600V VW-1 UL Type TC-ER* ULTROL 60+ may be the right solution if you are seeking for a cable to use in feeding or connecting electricity from industrial power and control circuits. Here are things to consider when looking for a control cable type TC-ER conductor:

Where will you use the wire?

The location, equipment, or area you are going to use the wire is one important consideration to examine. Typically, if you will need a cable to install in an area likely to experience high temperatures or heating, then you would rather go for a wire that has flame retardancy properties. Cable tray wires tend to have temperature rating to help you determine if they are applicable for the environment you want to use them or not. Remember that if you use the wrong cable or one that is underrated, it may fail and could result in damage of equipment, downtime, or even fire outbreaks.

The method of installation

Some cables are designed to run in conduits, trays, or raceways and others can be put directly on the ground. The direct burial application requires a wire that can withstand the mechanical forces and the destructive elements like UV light, moisture, and wind. Check to make sure that if you are going to have the wiring done directly on ground without using conduits or raceways, the cable should be able to perform under such applications. You may want to inquire from the seller or manufacturer if the cable can work in direct burial applications.

The insulation and jacketing

Two important components in the performance of control cable type TC-ER are the jacketing and insulation. When you choose a cable for installation or use, make sure it is insulated and jacketed using an appropriate material. A Control Cable Multi-Conductor 600V VW-1 UL Type TC-ER* ULTROL 60+ has an insulation and jacket made of cross linked polyethylene,which makes it resistant to chemicals, heat, flame, moisture, UV light, and ozone.

If you are in the market to buy cables for your control circuits and other critical circuits requiring continued service, you may want to ensure you go for the right cable. Look at the features of the cables and the applications. If you are not sure, just talk to one of the representatives of the cable company to help you determine the right wire or cable that will work for your specific application and environment.

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