There are different kinds of SAE AS22759 cable seach designed for specific applications. Depending on the kind of environment you want to use the cables, you may want to ensure you get a perfect match. RSCC Aerodefense SAE AS22759/41 and 42 Normal Weight Wall Cross-Linked ETFE Cables are coated with different materials but they have similar insulation and jacketing materials. The cables meet the requirement for high temperature resistance, small dimensions, low flame propagation, and low weight.

Designed for optimal protection from damaging elements
The environments in which cables work may subject them to effects of damage. It may be chemical damage, mechanical forces, or environmental factors. The weather, moisture, temperatures, and heat may cause damage to the cables. Elements like chemical fluids and oils may also induce damages on the cables. Things like cut through and impact could also cause damage to the cables. The SAE AS22759/41 and 42 cables are protected from these destructive forces by jacketing and insulating them using a dual layer irradiation cross-linked extruded ETFE.

Improved thermal performance
Copper may work in high temperature environments; however, the increased heat may impair its performance. Copper possesses great conductivity, it has durable tensile strength, and it is a material that is easy to machine and turn it to wire and cable. However, even with its fair resistance to corrosion, in wet environments, high humidity, and high temperatures, it may corrode and lose performance. That is why you find that in marine equipment and shipboards, bare copper wires tend to sport some damage.

The nickel coating on SAE AS22759/41 and 42 cables reduce the oxidative ability of the copper.  The plating on the copper makes it a specialty wire. Nickel has excellent corrosion resistance, it is durable and stable at extremes of temperatures. Again, the plating provides resistance to corrosion at negative temperatures like those that prevail in stratosphere where they can be as low as -60 degrees Celsius.

Wide range of applications
There are many areas where these cables can be used. SAE AS22759/41 and 42 are used in military and aerospace applications. They may also be used in commercial applications. The cables are used in missiles, military vehicles, naval shipboards, avionics, and airframes. They are suitable for use in engines of aircrafts. In environments where protection from abrasion is needed, these cables may perform pretty well whether in military, civilian, or government applications.

When choosing normal weight cables for your aerospace and military applications, you may go with these types of SAE AS22759 cables. They are also designed with some safety aspects in mind and they provide space saving solutions. Using these cables not only promotes reliability of the circuits and systems they are installed, but also a long shelf life. They are durable and adequately protected using superior insulation materials. Before you buy your cables, make sure they are manufactured by trusted cable manufacturing companies and they are made using modern cable engineering technologies and practices. Also, use the cables in the right operations and applications as defined by the features and requirements of the cables.

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