When you want a cord that is tough, is extra flexible and is a master of all trades, then consider the 12/5 SOOW portable cord. It has a maximum amps usage of 16-25 and maximum voltage of 600. Just like most SOOW portable cords, it has 5 conductors which are color coded with the help of the insulation. This multi-conductor portable cord is flexible and perfect for use in generators, data centers, IT applications, circuits and industrial purposes. They are also perfect for use in outdoor applications as it is weather resistant and can even be submerged. You can even call it a runner electrical wire, and users find that it is very easy to use and can be carried anywhere because of its lightweight and flexibility.

As the cord is resistant to oil and water and gives excellent performance in harsh conditions, they have found their way into mines and underwater industry applications. This is mainly because these cords have been built keeping RoHS and MSHA requirements in mind. In case of an accident or fire, these cords will still be safe for humans and the environment as they have kept to the RoHS directive where hazardous materials like lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium VI and PDBE flame retardants should not be used above the recommended levels. Buying cords which has been approved by the above standards will also ensure a greener planet.

Taking a look at the cord will show you a tough outer jacket with a thickness of about 95 mils that contributes to the physical protection of the conductors that are inside. It is made of EPDM rubber, which is ethylene propylene diene monomer (M-class). This is in accordance with ASTM standards. The M class is a type of rubber that is characterized by a saturated chain relating to a polymethylene form. EPDM has fireproof properties and can withstand heat or extreme coldness. It can also resist ozone, polar substances, ketones, acids and alkalines which are diluted. It, therefore, is a good choice for jacket material as it ensures protection from a wide range of elements.

The allowable ampacity for this cord is 16 when it is working up to a temperature of 90oC. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications regardless of weather conditions. Most of these portable cords are made with copper conductors that comply with industry standards. Strict measures are taken to ensure that these kinds of cords pass the CSA approval which means that it passes both Canadian and US standards. Therefore, when customers buy cords that have CSA approval, they are actually buying safety along with quality.

Next comes the UL or Underwriters Laboratories which is another globally recognized safety organization. When a cord is said to be UL listed, then you can be sure that the cord or cable has passed all the tests, inspections and validation processes. It is always prudent to check whether the power cord or any other electrical equipment that you buy has all these qualifications. This will not only ensure safety but also a long-term, stress-free, work environment.

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