There is a wide range of cords and cables for all your electrical needs be it for commercial, industrial or residential uses. Among them, the most widely used could be portable cords as they can be carried anywhere and they are designed for use in just about any application. They are sturdy and hardy enough for use in dangerous industrial uses and safe enough to be used for residential purposes. Cords like the 16/5 SOOW come highly recommended as they are flexible, durable and long lasting. To justify its usage in dangerous applications, let us look at the way the cord is built.

One of the main advantages of the 16/5 SOOW portable power cord is that it is made of copper conductors which has been designed as per ASTM B-174. The conductors are the backbone of the cords and they have to be protected for optimal performance and that is why they come with premium grade color-coded EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) insulation. Most of these cords come with 5 conductors which might be in black, red, orange, white and green depending upon their manufacturers or the clients’ specifications.

Realizing that the success of the job depends mostly upon the right tools and equipment is the first step to choosing cords like the 16/5 SOOW. It is MSHA approved, UL listed, CSA approved and RoHS compliant. You can safely work with them for applications that might have to be in the midst of oil, chemicals and water. The tough insulation will protect the conductors and ensure maximum performance at all times. You can use it for applications that require 8 amps but it is best to check with the seller or your local electrician in case you are not sure. Also this value of 8 amps is only for the conductors that carry current and not for the grounding conductor. You will find that these cords are made to work with no interruption even at 90oC for 600V.

Generally these types of cords are called service cords as they are used mainly to supply power to any kind of electrical appliance or motor. Therefore you can see these cords being used in mines, mills, sports arenas and construction sites where you need to set up portable tools and equipment. The feature that stands out in these cords is the outer jacket that is really tough and can endure harsh conditions. The jacket is made of black chlorinated polyethylene CPE which adds to the overall protection of the cable and in addition, is resistant to friction, oil and humidity.

These cords have been designed with certain industry standards in mind for the cautious and well-informed buyer. Most people do not know that cords and cables have to be designed in specific ways so that they are safe for use. There are certain standards that electrical equipment such as the 16/5 SOOW must follow, like the OSHA, MSHA, RoHS and UL requirements. Hence, this cord is a safe and wise choice as you can never be too safe when it comes to electrical equipment.

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