There is no miracle cable which can be used for all kinds of applications, so you cannot walk into a shop and buy one cable for all your wiring needs. There are so many cables and wires on the market with unique specifications wherein you can get exactly what you require right down to the atomic level, if need be. One of the cables worth mentioning is the 500/3 VNTC W/GRND which is used in conduits, ducts, open air, in trays or troughs and can also be used for direct burial. Now this is a cable that can do it all, but you still have to be careful as the NEC has specifications of the usage of various types of cables. You can use this cable for household applications as well as for a wide range of industrial uses.

One reason why this cable comes highly rated is that is it used for hazardous environments where the possibility of fire is high. Now this cable has flame-retardant properties and can be used for 600V in 90°C for dry conditions and 75°C for wet conditions. Take a peek into NEC Article 336 where this type of cable has been approved for installation in cable trays, but take care that installation is done properly. Sometimes, things can go wrong even if you use the right kind of cable but do not install as per regulations. It is alright to try your hand at installations, but when you are not sure of yourself, consult a qualified electrician.

Another reason to use this cable for your household projects is that it comes with a ripcord, which is just what a beginner needs. The ripcord makes it easy for installation as it helps to pull off the outer insulation and jacket without damaging the wires inside. This is needed as the 500/3 VNTC W/GRND cable has a tight fitting, and tough concentric layer of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which can withstand high temperatures of 90°C. The icing to the cake is the even tougher conductor jacket, which is also made of PVC, offers a hardy physical protection to the insulation. There is a third layer of jacket, which is the final outermost layer, that is a heavy-duty PVC material to protect the core of the cable.

You may be thinking that you do not need such a robust cable, but when you think of the benefits, such as moisture and heat resistance as well as flame retardant capabilities, you will realize that this is the cable for you. It also gives cold bend and cold impact resistance and is ideal for you if you are living in a geographical location where you are exposed to harsh weather conditions. You can even use it for Exposed Run or ER as specified in NEC where 3 or more conductors are used.

The conductors are color coded for easy identification and you can identify them easily as they have identification numbers printed on them. So take your tools and get started on your electrical household project, such as replacing or newly installing switch boxes, lights or receptacles.

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