The 18/5 SOOW cord offers the customer a wide range of uses for various applications. The main application for this cord is in power extensions, portable equipment, portable appliances, portable tools, battery chargers and small machinery which have small motors. The reason is that this cord is highly flexible and you will find that this is the electrical engineer’s best friend. Users find that this cord is really durable due to its elongation and anti-aging characteristics. It can withstand a fair amount of pressure and abrasion as it is designed to be very strong. It can be used with any application that requires 600V.

If you are still wondering whether this is the cord for you, take a look at its specifications. The SOOW states that this cord is a service cord as indicated by the S. The two O’s indicate that the cord comes with an oil resistant jacket as well as an oil resistant insulation. The final letter, W, says that it is resistant to weather which means that it can tolerate a good amount of moisture and so can be used for applications that work outdoors and indoors as certified by CSA and UL listing. Usually you can even use these SOOW cords for working underwater as they can be submerged. You will also be pleased to know that they are also flame retardant.

Although the usage is mostly to supply power to temporary applications, you will find that this cord can tolerate a lot of sunlight and even rain. It has an excellent temperature range which starts from -400C and goes up to 900C. You will find that there is no wear and tear even during tough and rough applications mainly due to its premium grade insulation and jacket. The insulation is color coded in accordance with 90ºC EPDM and the conductors come in five colors namely, orange, black, white, green and red. Of course, different manufacturers may give it different colors and there might be small variations. However, they all meet with industry standards which will be clearly mentioned when you buy the cords.

Another factor that the buyer has to know about these cords is that they are RoHS compliant and MSHA approved. When the cord states that it is RoHS compliant, it means that it complies with the Directive 2002/95/EC which is enforced throughout the EU market to ban the use of certain hazardous materials in the manufacture of electrical cables and wires. This means that it is safe for humans as well as for the environment, so buyers are encouraged to check for these features while buying cords and cables and as far as possible to buy electrical equipment which adheres to the directive.

Again when you take the term MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration) approved, this means that it is has been approved and certified for use in underground applications such as mines. The approval is done by technical experts by using a series of tests and evaluations. MSHA approval has global recognition and the 18/5 SOOW cords are the premium choice for your applications.

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