Supplying power to homes, offices, industries and institutions is not an easy task and it requires intense wiring and complicated electrical systems. Hence, when it comes to wire and cords, one must choose with care and take the time to learn as much as possible before heading for the local shop. Even before you install an electrical system in a building, you will require specific cables to work your tools and equipment. This is where portable cords like the 10/5 SOOW comes into action for both domestic and industrial applications, although this is also a good choice for hard usages. Let us look at the following characteristics and features of this cord.

The 10/5 SOOW portable power cord comes with bare, annealed copper conductors that are made in accordance to ASTM B-3 and UL -62 standards. This cord can come with a paper tape which is kept between the conductors and the insulation to facilitate stripping. This will ensure easy and safe installation and such cords can be safely used by beginners as well. It comes with EPDM insulation which is a synthetic rubber that can withstand heat and cold, plus it is resistant to water, oils and solvents. This means that even if there is an accident, the cord will not give way to fires and will not give off toxic or harmful fumes.

The number 10 indicates the size of the cord which is 10 AWG and it comes with 5 conductors. You can get the 10 AWG SOOW power cord with 2, 3 and 4 conductors also. This power cord can be used for applications that require 600V with allowable ampacity of 20 amps where one conductor is used for ground while the rest carry current. They work at a maximum temperature of 90oC in all kinds of weather conditions and give even performance even when the temperature drops to -40oC.

The SOOW cord usually means that the cord comes with an oil resistant insulation as well as jacket. The black jacket is made of a tough material namely, the Thermoset rubber that resists abrasion well. SOOW cords can be safely used for outdoors procedures also as they perform well even in wet conditions. Thermoset materials are usually cured or set with heat and then they do not become soft again when heat is reapplied. This gives durability and longer life for cords and cables that have Thermoset jackets. This cord is therefore, resistant to heat and flame and is a good choice for use in risky applications.

This cord is a good choice if you need it for temporary and portable power applications. You can use it safely for transportable tools, moveable appliances, small motors and machinery that can be moved. It meets with all the necessary industry standards such as MSHA, RoHS, CSA and UL standards. Most of these organizations are non-profit and hence, you can be sure that they test the products diligently using their own methods and tests. Buying such cords ensures a safer working environment as well as a safe building after the wiring has been installed.

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