250MCM XHHW aluminum cable is quite easily available and comparatively cheap, however, most people have no idea of its uses and advantages. This building wire is really robust and can withstand a lot of abrasion and harsh weather conditions. You can use it for general purpose wiring in all kinds of conduits, raceways and air ducts. Take a look at section 517.160 of the NEC article to know how it can be used such as in health care institutions, commercial and residential applications.

If you are still unsure whether the 250MCM XHHW aluminum cable will be suitable for your needs, just check the specifications given, which are WHHW. Now these are not just any letters, but each has a specific meaning which tells the buyer about their characteristics. The “X” does not stand for unknown quality but for cross-linked polyethylene or XLPE. The cable can withstand extreme heat as denoted by “HH” and is also resistant to water thanks to a special jacket as specified by “W”. You can get this cable in various colored jackets and the conductors come solid and stranded.

The newer version of the XHHW is the XHHW-2 which has a better temperature resistance when compared to wet location endurance of the previous one. The XHHW can endure only up to 750C in wet locations while the XHHW-2 can go up to 900C. The XHHW is also preferred for another reason which is its excellent electrical or K value. This is because the cross linked cable is made of polyethylene or rather it is cross linked polyethylene (XLPE) which contributes to its high electrical value.

Customers are requesting XHHW cables such as the 250MCM aluminum cable as it can carry current better than its THHN counterpart. Also the THHN means thermoplastic high heat resistant cable, but with its fancy sounding meaning, it still does not have a meltdown which is as good as XHHW cables. Also THHN comes with a nylon coating which makes it stiff and can be a little hard to handle when it comes to installation. When it comes to installation, people prefer to use a more flexible cable like the XHHW which can be easily pulled through structures.

Of course, the main reason that we are discussing the 250MCM XHHW aluminum cable is because you can use it for distributing power for various purposes in commercial, industrial and residential buildings. You can choose this cable when you have an environmental concern for harsh weather where the cable may take a beating due to rains, storms or extreme cold and also in industrial environments where the cable will be exposed to high heat and humidity. These cables are made to industry standards and sometimes they even exceed industry standards, which is good news for us as it means that it can have a long life. So do not buy cables just because they are cheap or select the first available cable in the shop. Go in for products that are designed to answer your electrical needs.

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