When you want an extra tough, durable, flexible and mechanically strong cable, the 750-3 EPR-CPE cable might interest you. It comes with an FR-EPR flame retardant insulation made of ethylene-propylene rubber in accordance with ICEA pub. no. S-68-516. It has phase conductors which are stranded and cabled together, and you will find that the conductors, though all in black, are printed with identification numbers. It also comes with a grounding conductor, so that your wiring can be stable when grounded throughout the building system.

Although all cables come with many kinds of specifications, this cable has some unique properties that make it ideal for use in power distribution, mainly in direct burial applications, raceways and for underground service entrance uses. This cable has to pass through a rigorous ribbon burner cable tray flame test as stipulated by UL and IEEE. The EPR CPE sheath also has to be made just right as per NEC so that you will have no problems during installation. Many people fail to realize that perfect performance lies in good installation. When installed in the right way, you can also be sure that the service life will be longer.

The very fact that this cable is made of copper conductors, should tell us a lot about its flexibility. Some cables of the EPR-CPE family can even withstand continuous flexing. They can hence, be even used in diesel electric locomotives, power equipment and other general purpose wiring systems. Most often, you will find them used in raceways, for direct burial or service entrance as per the National Electrical Code. The conductors are designed to operate optimally even at temperatures 90°C for dry and 75°C for wet conditions. The cable has an overall jacket that makes it strong and resistant to sunlight and oil, as per UL 1277 requirements.

While choosing cables, such as the 750-3 EPR-CPE, consider the geographical conditions where the electrical system will be installed. Most often, industrial applications will require robust and oil resistant cables. The cables will even have to endure being exposed to harsh weather conditions, such as extreme cold or a very hot sun. This cable will meet such requirements, and as a bonus, you can also get such cables with a low smoke and a no halogen jacket. So this should be the perfect solution for all your electrical needs. When wired the right way, you can take the power to the next level of performance.

You may have years of experience tucked under your electrical belt or you may be new to wiring. Still it does not take much, and if you have the formula right, you can do it all on your own. Each conductor in the cable has been tested to conform to industry standards and so you can rest assured that your wiring system will work well. Keep a checklist to make sure that the conductor size is exactly what you need and you can get the 750-3 EPR-CPE in a lot of different sizes, depending upon the work at hand. You can also get it in different stranding in terms of 7, 19, 37 and 61. So whatever it is that you need, you can be sure that the 750-3 EPR-CPE is the cable for you.

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