The 350 MCM welding cable has a variety of uses. This cable is the perfect wiring solution for a number of different projects, including those in which the wiring may be exposed to moisture or may get wet. This cable is manufactured in accordance to ICEA S-75-381. It is MSHA accepted as per P-7K-1230404 and is RoHS compliant. It’s listed as a Type RHH-RH-2 cable as outlined in UL 44 and is listed as a Type RW90 1kV as outlined in C22.2 No 3895. The 350 MCM welding cable meets or exceeds all VW-1 and FT-4 flame tests.


The 350 MCM cable has a size AWG of 350, giving it a cross-section of 350,000 circular mils, the measurement established by the National Electrical Code to define wire sizes. It has a nominal insulation thickness of 0.125 inches and a stranding (Al/Stl) of 3416/30. The cable’s diameter complete cable (O.D) is 0.953 inches. The cable is fairly heavy—a bundle of 1,000 feet of 350 MCM cable weighs 1255 pounds. The cable is one of the more durable types of wiring. It can withstand flames, cuts, abrasions, and very rough handling. It is resistant to oils, alkalis, acid, moisture, and high heat. This and the fact that the cable is designed to conduct very high voltages makes it ideal for use in equipment that is subjected to extreme use on a regular basis. The insulation thickness of the cable is 0.060 inches.


The 350 MCM cable is used in a number of different industries because it’s so flexible. Some of its most common uses are in arc welders, electrode holders, clamps, and bus welding boxes. However, it can be used in many other areas, too. Because of its characteristics, the cable is often used in the transportation industry. Here are a few of its applications:

  • Anything that makes use of permanent wiring to conduct at least 600 volt power supplies, including cranes and hoists.
  • Various shipyard uses, including those in which the cables have to be submerged in shallow water for long, continuous amounts of time.
  • It can be used as a portable cable in oil drilling operations, including on- and off-shore drilling rigs.
  • The 350 MCM cable is often used in different railway applications. It can be used in wiring found in transit cars or railroad cars, plus it’s often used as the power supply cable for traction motors in diesel-electric locomotives.
  • It may be used in Telecom power supplies, motor leads, control and power jumper cables, and arc welder supply leads
  • The able can be used in any application where the environment contains dampness or standing water.

Note that the 350 MCM cable should only be used in applications where the maximum continuous conductor temperature will not exceed 90 degrees Celsius. When used in applications where the wiring will conduct 600 volts of power, it should be installed in a tray, raceway, or conduit. The wiring should be at least size 1/C for these types of applications.

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