The 2/0 welding cables are useful for a variety of different applications. These cables were designed to be flexible enough to make them useful across different industries. The cable is manufactured to meet ICEA S-75-381 standards. It’s MSHA accepted as per P-7K-123040, RoHS compliant, and meets all VW-1 and FT-4 flame tests. The cable is considered a Type RW90 1kV per C2.2 No 3895 and is UL listed as a Type RHH-RHW-2 as outlined in UL-44. It is available in blue, black, red, green, and yellow.


This cable receives its name from its AWG size, which is 2/0. It features a strangling (Al/Stl) of 1289/30. The diameter complete cable (O.D.) is 0.598 inches across, and the cable has a nominal insulation thickness of 0.079 inches. The outside diameter of the cable is 0.591 inches.

It is resistant to oils, flames, heat, alkalis, and acids, plus it has a resistant, resilient exterior that can survive compression cuts, abrasions, and other rough handling. The cable weighs 500 pounds per 1,000 feet. It features fully annealed stranded bare copper conductors and an EPDM jacket. The cable also has 1 male and one female Lenco black connector. The cable can be used in temperatures ranging from -50 degrees Celsius to 105 degrees Celsius. However, it’s generally advised that the cable be used in temperatures that do not exceed 90 degrees Celsius, especially if the temperature will be continuously or often at 90 or higher.


This type of wiring has a number of different applications. It’s often found in power supply applications where the voltage does not exceed 600 volts, plus it can be found as a secondary voltage resistance lead in arc welding leads and in use in other welding generators and welder applications.

When used in a tray or conduit of a power supply of 600 volts, the cable needs to be at least size 1/C or larger if the wiring is permanent. It also needs to be installed in a tray, conduit, or raceway. It can be used in ducts, conduits, trays, and troughs, and the cable is insulated enough that it can be used safely in wet areas.

The following are more specific uses of 2/0 welding cable:

    • Locomotives and railroad use – the cables are used in the wiring of railroad and other transit cars. It’s also often used in supplying power to the traction motors in diesel-electric locomotives. • Ship construction and shipyard use – 2/0 welding cable may be used in a number of different shipyard applications due to the fact that it can be used in dry, wet, or damp areas.
  • Earth-moving equipment – this cable can be used in backhoes, diggers, Bobcats, and other electric earth-moving vehicles and equipment.
  • 2/0 welding cable may be found in control and power jumper cables.
  • Oil drilling – the cable can be used on drilling rigs, including offshore rigs.
  • Telecom power supplies
  • Motor leads
  • Mining – because of its flexibility and resistance to moisture, 2/0 welding cable is often used in power feeder cables in mines and other underground locations.

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