M81044 wires have superior characteristics and endure high temperatures, something that makes them preferable in military applications. The lead wires may be used in different applications including military. If you are in the market seeking for an alternative to M81044 lead wire, you may consider the modified AD1044ZH wire.RSCC Aerodefense AD1044ZH-12 Wire Lightweight Low Smoke Zero Halogen Wire is a dual layer high temperature and lightweight wire designed to be zero halogen for enhanced safety. It offers outstanding performance and this makes it an ideal choice in application needing high density cabling in addition to harnessing.

What is cable harnessing
Cable harnessing simply refers to an assembly of wires or cables transmitting electrical power or signals. Another name for cable harnessing is cable assembly or cable loom. Cable assembly or harnessing not only keeps the installations organized but also safe in extreme circumstances. It is important to know that there may be differences between wire harnessing and cable assemblies and this comes about because a wire is different from a cable.

A wire is a single strand that conducts electricity like a copper wire but a cable is made up of two or more wires running together where they are braided or bonded. That’s why cables appear like bunches of intertwined wires.

AD1044ZH wire can perform well even in conditions that are severe due to its resistance to shrink back, common chemicals, abrasion, and notch propagation.

Where are AD1044ZH wires used?
AD1044ZH wire is used in applications that demand for smaller diameter as well as lightweight wires. They may be used in applications where the temperatures are high. That is why you find the wires being used in missile and shipboards where you are likely to experience fire and flame incidents. They are also used in military vehicles, avionics, commercial, airframe, and some other electronic systems and equipment’s.

The features of AD1044ZH wire
Insulated with irradiated cross-linked extruded polyalkene, the AD1044ZH wires resist many elements from cut-through to cold flow and abrasion. The wire has low smoke feature that allows it to be used in manned vessels or military and shipboard equipment including military vehicles. Low smoke means that there is reduced health hazard and allows for effective evacuation in case a fire incident occurs. If a cable is made of materials that release a lot of smoke, it may reduce visibility, which means that rescuing people may be a problem.

If you are looking for a lead wire that is easy to strip and process and has self-extinguishing and flame retardant properties, then the AD1044ZH wire may be a perfect fit.You will have a wire that works well in situations where small size is a factor. It has excellent temperature and voltage rating for wide applications.

To get the best performance in military ground cable installations, you want to use products that specifically address the issues of fire, flame, abrasion, chemical, oil, and heat. These elements tend to damage or degrade cable products. To know if a cable can withstand these elements, see its approval, rating, and compliance. The specifications will give you a hint as to whether the cables are going to endure the environment or not. 

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