In situations where you need electricity on temporary basis, you may need to use jumper cable 5kV 15Kv. The cable is used to provide temporary connections designed for phase to phase distribution and they serve to provide power from 5kV to 15Kv. They are flexible lead power cables and you can use them in by-passing aerial power lines. 

The cable will only provide the connection for a certain period and after that, it may be disassembled and moved to another location. They are ideal portable cables for use in applications where medium voltage power connections are needed on temporary basis.

How is the engineering of Jumper cable 5kV 15kV?
The cable is made using a flexible rope consisting of stranded annealed uncoated copper. An ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) material is used to insulate the cable thus offering moisture, heat, and ozone resistance. The cable is resistant to water, oil, and weather.

A shield made of semi-conducting tape is used on the conductor. This shield acts as a separator between the insulation and the conductor. The strands of the wire ensure flexibility and ease of application. The temperature rating for the cable is 90 degrees.

The use of the Jumper cable 5kV 15kV
When sections of aerial power transmission cables are damaged by things like storm or other mechanical factors, people may be left without power. The repair of the damaged sections needs to do immediately. However, sometimes, it may take quite a while before the power supply is back to normal. During this time, the repair work is going on, the supply may be provided using jumper lead cables.

The cables are used to provide temporary portable as well as mobile substations during the time when the repair work is being done. Temporary jumper cables are also used in cases where non-shielded flexible cables are needed.

However, access to such unshielded cables is limited and only authorized persons can go to locations where the cables are used. This is for safety reasons considering that they carry medium voltage, which can be very destructive or lethal on people and property. The fine stranded copper conductors are assembled in way of unidirectional rope lay to provide extra flexibility. The semi-conducting shield on the conductor helps relieve voltage stress while at the same time improving dielectric strength as well as service life of the temporary jumper cable. 

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