Nassau National Cable is dedicated and committed to ensuring that we provide opportunities for the sole purpose of our employees' professional and personal growth. Since we have identified that our taskforce is made up of hardworking and talented individuals, we offer them opportunities to learn and develop their different skills.

We have a wide array of formal classes that our employees can pick from in order to enhance their skill. Our employees are constantly engaged in day to day development opportunities always referring to the NEC or going through coaching with the help of professional electricians.

Every now and then, as top leaders, at Nassau National Cable, we identify an employee who is not only hardworking and talented but shows potential in being an essential tool to the development of the company. We take such an employee under our wing and we mentor them to our best ability. This helps secure the future of the company without having to necessarily outsource for such an individual while we can build up and develop careers among our existing employees.

We also assign a group of individuals assignments, training, or special task forces to broaden their knowledge and skill about other areas of their normal routine and core discipline that are of importance to their day to day interactions with not only their coworkers but also the customers they serve.

At Nassau National Cable, we have learning centers, which act as an avenue for providing instructor-led, virtual and e-learning. These are readily available to any of our employees in case they need to enhance their knowledge on our products or policies or even when they have an inquiry on something they are not sure of.

Other than that, we take our employees through team building exercises as frequent as possible, which plays a major role in ensuring that they can work together comfortably despite having different skills, backgrounds, and experiences. It helps in developing close relationships amongst ourselves, which helps in enhancing productivity in the company.

In the end, it is evident that we are not only interested in our employees’ professional growth but also developing their personal growth. While doing this, we pride ourselves on the fact that our employees get to develop and enhance their skills and knowledge required for the current role they play at the company and most importantly, it helps them build up a career at Nassau National Cable.

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