SER 2-2-2-4 is a construction of Aluminum Service Entrance SER (Type SE, Style R) cable. This version of the SER cable includes three 2-gauge Alumaflex AA-8000 series aluminum alloy compact stranded phase conductors and one 4-gauge neutral ground conductor constructed with the same material.

Per NEC standards, SER 2-2-2-4 is suitable for use in circuits up to 100 amps. This cable will not pass inspection for use on any circuit putting out greater amperage than 100 amps. 100 amps is the minimum service for a single-family dwelling and each service drop can only supply one set of service entrance cable unless wiring a multi-family home (duplex, triplex, etc.). SER 2-2-2-4 is most suitable for use in residential applications. For larger tasks, see other Aluminum Service Entrance Cable. Larger gauges will carry more amperage to supply a greater load.

SER 2-2-2-4 is a service entrance cable, which transmits secondary distribution from service drop to a building’s meter base and then to the main distribution panel. The cable is color coded with black ground conductors and a bare ground conductor. The outer jacket is constructed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is resistant to heat, corrosion, and sunlight.

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