Mining applications tend to be exceptionally hazardous and therefore require the safest electrical equipment on the market. Mining projects require lots of heavy equipment such as mechanic shovels, dredging machines and feeding cranes. To power these machines, industry professionals rely on Anaconda® Brand Type SHD-GC mining cables. These cables are characterized by their ground-check (GC) feature, which ensures that the machinery is fully grounded before and during use.

Anaconda® Brand Type SHD-GC cables are available in a standard round construction or a flat, crush and impact-resistant construction. These cables offer a flexible insulation shield that provides protection from electrical shock and also reduces leakage. Type SHD-GC cables offer excellent resistance to steam, oil, chemicals, radiation, moisture and heat. This cable shows phenomenal stability in extreme temperatures and can tolerate a wide range of temperatures.

This cable is used as trailing cable on AC mining equipment and on low and medium-voltage AC circuits where a ground-check is recommended or required and where induced voltages in the grounding system will not produce a hazard. They are often used with Bretby-type cable handling devices on longwall shearers.

Type SHD-GC cable holds a temperature rating of -40°C to 90°C and are used in low and medium voltage AC circuits. The cable is primarily used in light to medium-duty mining applications because of its durable yet flexible construction. SHD-GC cable can be used for heavy-duty tasks such as power supply cable, power cable for portable and mobile electric equipment, motors, and industrial appliances. The cable can also be used in construction zones or locations with a high chance of vehicle run-over. SHD-GC cable passes FT-5 flame test and aligns with UL 1650, deeming the cable suitable for use in locations with an increased risk of fire.

The flexibility of Anaconda® Brand Type SHD-GC cable makes for easy handling and installation and proves to be a convenient trait in mining applications. Professionals use this cable to wire portable equipment, so maneuverability is very important. Mining projects are often contemporary, which means even stationary equipment will likely need to be relocated, and thus Type SHD-GC cable is an effective cable when relocation and reinstallation is necessary.

Type SHD-GC cables are extremely durable and can stand up to heavy abuse from cutting, abrasion, flame, sunlight and impact. In precarious mining tasks, there is a good chance that cables will be subject to this type of punishment on a daily basis. These cables come with a double-layer reinforced jacket, which provides extreme protection against physical damage, which is the number one cause for cable failure.

As its main conductive components, Anaconda® Brand Type SHD-GC cables employ coated, rope-lay-stranded, annealed copper wires that align with ASTM B172. The annealed copper product used in this cable offers superior flexibility compared to standard copper, but offers the same powerful conductive properties. Each phase conductor is wrapped in an extruding thermosetting semi-conducting stress control layer. The copper phase conductors and the neutral ground conductor are insulated with ethylene propylene rubber (EPR); a synthetic rubber that is resistant to sunlight, moisture, and oil. The ground-check conductor is insulated in yellow polypropylene. A flexible braided copper insulation shield is applied over a non-conducting overlapped tape. The cable gets most of its strength from its extra heavy-duty exterior jacket. The CPE jacket is a layer of lead-cured, chlorinated polyethylene. This material is resistant to oils, chemicals, high or low temperatures, and weather. CPE jacketed cables are also flame retardant and have great tensile strength. The jacket helps with the cable’s overall resistance to crushing, abrasion, and cut-through.

SHD-GC cable aligns with ASTM standard B172, a standard for rope-lay-stranded conductors set forth by the American Society of Testing and Materials. ASTM is a compliance and regulations organization established over 100 years ago. The cable also aligns with Underwriters Laboratories standard UL 1650, a standard that requires portable power cords to align with National Electric Code, NFPA 70. The cable meets FT-5 flame test, a UL vertical flame test of 1,700 BTU. The cable is compliant with Restrictions of Hazardous Substances and is approved by the Mining Safety and Health Administration.

The Anaconda® Brand Type SHD-GC has earned the trust of many industry professionals and contractors through its proven endurance and performance in the unforgiving mining industry.

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