Aluminum Type MC-XHHW conductors are multi-conductor cables consisting of a series of individually insulated, compact stranded THHN conductors. The cable is available in a round or parallel orientation and the conductors are encased in an interlocking aluminum armor to protect them from a wide range of hazards. The Aluminum armor is covered in a flame retardant and sunlight resistant PVC jacket. This cable can also handle relatively high temperatures up to 90°C.

Type MC cable can be used in a wide array of scenarios. It is excellent for power, control, signal circuits, and lighting. The conductors can function as underground distribution cables for direct burial. This product is a good choice when distribution through concrete or cinder fills is needed. It can handle feeder and service power distribution assignments in residential, multi-residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings. The cables can be fished or embedded in plaster and can also be used as an aerial cable on a messenger wire.

This type of cable is a popular choice for lighting in high rise buildings because it can be embedded in plaster or concrete and the multi-conductor design allows the cable to feed multiple outlets at a time. The cable is rugged and safe enough to pass public electrical code and the jacket and armor are flame-resistant.

Aluminum Type MC is often used in commercial, industrial, and municipal applications because the multi-conductor design allows it to wire multiple circuits with one cable. In some locations, it is mandatory that one circuit panel can only be powered by a single cable. In this scenario, Type MC cable is an excellent solution to deliver power to multiple outlets at one time.

Along with being a space-saver, Aluminum Type MC is also a cost-effective cable when large distances need to be covered by an armored cable. Aluminum is typically more inexpensive than copper and offers comparable conductive properties. The cable’s design also saves labor costs because instead of multiple cables needing to be pulled, only one cable needs to be installed to do the work of four individual cables.

The Aluminum Type MC cables are approved by the National Electric Code for use in Class I Division 2, Class II Division 2 and Class III Division 1 hazardous locations. The NEC hazard class system is used to gauge the degree of potential danger in a building or location. Aluminum Type MC cable is a preferred cable for installation in such locations because it is extremely important to have a durable cable in case a catastrophe occurs. Aluminum Type MC cables’ construction allows the cable to be salvaged after a disaster which will save lots of money. Also, it stays in tact after a disaster which will prevent injury.

Aluminum Type MC passes multiple flame tests including the Vertical Cable Tray Flame Test. The cable passes UL Flame Tests and FT4/IEEE 1202, which is a test to ensure the cable can retard flames at 70,000 Btu/hr.

Nassau Electrical Supply’s Aluminum Type MC cables meet other UL standards as well, such as UL83 standard for thermo-plastic insulated wires and cables. This cable meets UL1569 standards for metal-clad cables that contain 18 AWG - 2000 kcmil insulated circuit conductors. The cable is available with Triple E™ aluminum alloy compacted conductors, one of which serves as a ground cable. The aluminum conductors are type THHN THWN-2 which offers a temperatures rating of up to 90°C. Conductors are wrapped together in binder tape and then covered in an interlocking aluminum casing. The aluminum armor is jacketed in a black PVC coating that serves as further protection from excessive heat and corrosion.

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