The 535MCM DLO cable primary function is the supply of power in diesel-electric engines. It also comes in handy as an easily portable cable for use in on-short and off-short drilling rigs. Its other uses include in earth-moving equipment that use electronic parts, as part of the wiring in rail and transit vehicles, in hoists and cranes, in generation of electricity, as well as in the equipment used in mining and other such industries that frequently use heavy-duty machinery. Some of the areas you are likely to find the 535 DLO cable include in arc welding, telecom power supply, and shipyards. Most diesel-electric engines use this cable as part of their power supply wiring system.

The cable can be used in both dry and wet areas. It has an ability to resist acids, oils, heat, alkalis and frames. It can withstand temperatures of up to 90°C in both wet and dry areas and is abrasion resistant. Its resistance to heat makes it a perfect choice for use in high-temperature environments. The cable, considered amongst the most versatile has been found to be impressively long lasting. It complies with VW-1 and FT-4 fame tests and is considered a low-smoke wire.

The 535 DLO cable’s insulation ensures it does not get affected by acids, oils moisture and alkalis. The insulation thickness stands at 0.11 inches. It, therefore, makes for a perfect cable to be used in areas where acid discharges, downpours and oil releases are common. Whether these liquid ejections are accidental or not, using the 535 cable is a smart way to avoid unnecessary and incessant repairs of the wiring system.

This cable weighs around 212.5 pounds for every 100 feet, has an O.D of 1.34 inches and has an AI/Stl of 1332/24. It is the choice cable for CT use and has an exceptional impact resistance. In addition, it finds perfect use in the wiring systems of applications that operate in -40 °C environments.

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