The 262MCM DLO cable is a 2,000-volt cable that has a wide range of heavy-duty applications. It is Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) and Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliant. It is designed to withstand environments with a continuous temperature exposure of up to 90°C. The 262 DLO cable is abrasion resistant, has an exceptional resistance to impact. This means it is a great choice for environments where wire scratches and cuts as well as ceaseless heavy falls are common. The cable also meets the standards for CT use.

This cable is suitable for both wet and dry environments. Its resistance to oils makes it the cable of choice for use in an onshore drilling rig as well as in offshore oil drilling locations. The 262 DLO cable is resistant to UL sunlight, a perfect fit for applications that function in -40C settings and work well in open air cable installations. It has a copper conductor that is coated with tin, is highly flexible and fully annealed.

Some of the common applications of the 262 DLO cable include in transit and rail vehicles, shipyard welding, mining machinery, and cranes & hoists. Most diesel-electric engines use this cable in their power supply system. It is also common to find this cable in most electronically functioning, heavy earth-moving equipment across many industries. Utility facilities such as electrical generation stations use this cable because it performs excellently even moisture and abrasion-prone and areas. You will also often find the cable in use in many high-draw devices and appliances.

The 262 DLO cable is an approved standard in many industries. Some of its industry approvals include the ICEA S-95-685, the CSA RW90 and the UL Standard 44. It also meets the ASTM B33 and AAR-598 standards of perfectly hardened tinned copper.



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