250MCM 5-8kV Power Cable 115 Mils is a medium voltage cable that is used for heavy-duty applications. This construction option offers an allowable ampacity of 345 amps, which is more than enough to provide power to most industrial equipment. The cable is commonly found in mills, factories, plants, generating stations, military facilities and airports. The 250MCM construction can also be used as leads for heavy-duty alternators and most welding equipment.

The 250MCM 5-8kV Power Cable 115 Mils is used in distribution, main feeder and branch circuits for commercial, industrial, and electric utility installations where medium ampacity is needed. The cable can be installed in aerial applications, direct burial, conduit open tray, and underground duct installations. When installed in accordance with NEC regulations, the cable is safe for use in wet or dry locations. For direct burial applications, ensure the cable is installed in a system with a ground conductor that is in close proximity with NEC 250.4(A)(5). Under normal operating conditions, this cable is able to function at temperatures up to 105°C. At emergency operating conditions, the cable can tolerate temperatures up to 140°C. In short circuit situations, the cable has a temperature rating of 250°C.

The conductive component of the 250MCM 5-8kV Power Cable 115 Mils is a concentric compact stranded class B copper conductor. The class B copper in this cable is annealed to make the conductor softer and more malleable. The conductor is covered by triple single head extruded conductor shield. The conductor shield is then insulated with a dry cured ethylene propylene insulation that bears an easy strippable bare copper insulation shield. The bare copper insulation shield is made of 5 mils annealed copper with an overlap of 25%. A black, surface printed polyvinyl chloride (PVC) jacket serves as the external layer of the cable. The exterior jacket is flame-retardant and moisture and sunlight resistant.

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