The 1/0 5kV EPR-PVC MV-90 Non Shielded cable holds an amperage rating of 195 amps. This cable is most suitable for use in commercial units and applications due to its relatively large allowable ampacity. The cable is commonly installed in office buildings, malls, universities & colleges, sport complexes, government facilities, hospitals and medical centers.

The Type MV-90 Power Cable is designed to transmit medium voltages (5,000 Volts) and can function in temperatures up to 90°C. With a high tolerance for extreme temperatures and the ability to perform in wet and dry conditions, this cable can be used in many different applications. The cable can be installed in tray, trough, conduit, ducts, strung aerially, or directly buried when in compliance with NEC specifications. The cable is widely used in commercial, industrial, and electric utility operations as branch circuits, distribution, and main feeder cable.

The EPR-PVC 5kv Type MV-90 cable features a Class B concentrically stranded copper conductor that bears ethylene propylene (EPR) insulation and an external polyvinyl chloride (PVC) jacket. The copper conductor is an uncoated annealed copper. The process of annealing the copper softens the metal and makes the product more flexible without compromising the copper’s powerful conductive properties. The EPR insulation helps to stabilize the conductor’s current while providing mechanical strength and durability to the cable. Directly covering the insulation layer is the PVC jacket.

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