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Technology is a king as time goes by and it is impressive that a lot of complex applications and systems get invented day in day out. Various industries are mushrooming from all corners of the technological hemisphere. The electricity is like the heartbeat of all the technological advancements, we cannot run any system without borrowing a leaf of assistance from electricity. For the electric energy to reach the consumer premises or for the energy to be conveyed in the application system, wires are needed. It is then necessary to say that without wires are very important of electric energy transmission. Nassau electrical delights to always supply the market with the wires of high level quality.

When you go to the market for electrical, you will find some wires w hich may be very cheap but the disturbing truth is that they could be very poor. Just avoid the attempt to buy any low quality wire even if the price is extremely low, poor cables will predispose your system to frequent maintenance which may be very costly in the long run. Poor cables are very dangerous to use and may cause unnecessary injuries. Avoid these problems, shop with us. We provide quality products.

When we talk Type E cable, we are basically introducing to you a breed of cables which are majorly used in the marine. The cables are available in single or multi-conductors. The construction is composed of copper conductors which are plated with tin, nickel or silver. The shielding which is done by silver gives the copper braid a 90 per cent protection against interference from the signals in the external environment. Type E cables can also be found in a variety of insulations, armors and sheathing. The insulation system is specifically designed to withstand acidic and alkalis in the marine set ups.

There two types of the Type E cable that we sell at Nassau electrical. Have a chance to have a glance at their construction and features.

a. Type E armored and sheathed. This cable is made up of a soft annealed, flexible and tinned copper material. The size design properties is 6 AWG through 777 kcmil.It has a conductor shield which is a basically a semi-conducting tape and extruded semi-conducting material shield. The shield plays a critical role of preventing interferences. Type E armored cable has a powerful insulation system which works well up to a maximum environment temperature of 90 degrees Celsius. Ethylene propylene rubber makes the insulation of the cable. Other than a semi conductor shield, it can also have a metal shield. The metal shield is a composite braid consisting of tinned copper with a colored nylon and a black separating tape. The cable sheath is black in color and is made up of thermosetting chlorinated polyethylene. It is also armored. Now sheathing and armoring are integral part of the cable protective system. It is armor is made from bronze braid. The armor covers around 90 percent of the cable. Looking and grasping these technical knowledge about Type E cable will help you to distinguish quality from fake and poor cables out there in the market.

b. Type E Unarmored Cable. Here is another Type E cable I want to present to you. The given details will guide you on where appropriately you should consider it. We have all you need, try to make your needs conveniently provided for as far as electrical cables are concerned. The unarmored type E cable is made of copper conductor which is annealed, flexible and tinned. The combination of those three features make the cable easier to install and adamant to any interference from the environment. The unarmored type E wire is also shielded with both semi-conductor tape and metallic shield. The metallic shield is made of a composite braid which consists of tinned copper, colored nylon. The overall tinned copper with aluminum or polyester tape is used to make 100 per cent covering for the cable so that effective shielding is achieved. Now you can notice that this cable has no armor though it has a sheath. The sheath is a black thermo setting chlorinated polyethylene material.

The type E cables are used in the following systems:

  • Mobile offshore drilling units and in production systems. It is well designed with superb shield that enables it to work well in the drilling systems
  • In the fixed and floating offshore production applications
  • The cables can also be applied in wiring commercial and marine ships
  • It is suitable for use in class I, Division 1 as per the application of API-RP14F

The cable has superb mechanical protection due to the bronze armor and sheath. It is a premium medium voltage power cable thus can be use in the industries. It has excellent flame resistance. Its flexibility makes it easier to install. This is just another quality brand at Nassau electrical. Rich us via available platforms and shop where quality meets your desire. We appreciate your visit to our website. If you have questions, then feel free to join our live chat where we interact with our clients.

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