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    When you require a submersible pump cable for your deep well or irrigation equipment, we have the product you need at an affordable price. Whether needing heavy duty, twisted, armored, round, or flat, you’ll find a durable and reliable cable that has strength and flexibility for easy installation. The specialized submersible cable is often used to supply power to pumps in deep wells.

    With the conditions and environment this cable will be placed, its insulation provides the durability for either wet or dry applications. You can use the submersible pump cable in both fresh and salt water, or for direct burial. The annealed copper conductor on each submersible cable offers the flexibility to maintain reliability in extreme conditions.

    Pump Cable

    Depending on the use of your submersible cable, the size and shape will vary. Use the pump cables for wiring between equipment located at wellheads and motors in deep wells. With its installation in dangerous and hazardous conditions, the cables are resistant to weather, abrasion, moisture, oils, lubricants, acids, and the ozone. Conductors of the cable are insulated with a particular color code combination of yellow, red, and black, with green always on the ground.

    Submersible Cable

    The cable you use for your irrigation equipment will have an outer jacket of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), chloride, or chlorinated polyethylene rubber (CPE). For deep water application, the submersible pump cable is safe and available in a wide temperature range. The PVC jacketing material has a rating of 90°C dry and 75°C wet. Our CPE jacket has a rating of 90°C dry and 90°C wet, with a minimum ambient temperature of -40°C.

    You’ll find the high performing cables you’re looking for at the most competitive prices. We strive to leave you completely satisfied with every transaction, no matter the sizes of your order or length of the cable. We establish lasting relationships with our clients so you can rely on us when you require additional cables and wiring in the future. 

    Get in touch with a customer service representative and negotiate prices to meet your budget. A submersible cable has exclusive features that allow optimal performance in hazardous and wet conditions. We’ll answer any questions you may have to help you find the perfect product for your application.

    VOLTAGE: 600V
    SIZES: 14 - 4 AWG
    TEMP DRY/WET: 75°C Dry, 75°C Wet

    (AWG or KCMIL)
    Number of Conduc
    -tors in Cable
    Nominal Jacket Thick
    -ness (Inches)
    Nominal Insulation Thick
    -ness (mm)
    Size AWG Stranding Diameter Complete Cable (O.D.) Weight Per 1000ft Total (Lbs.)
    acity 40 C (Amps)
    Service Wire
    Inches Mils.....
    14/2 W/GRND Twisted THW Pump 2 .030 .045 14 Solid 0.358 9.093 67 15 PT14/2GG
    12/2 W/GRND Twisted THW Pump 2 .030 .045 12 Solid 0.426 10.820 94 20 PT12/2GG
    10/2 W/GRND Twisted THW Pump 2 .030 .045 10 Solid 0.476 12.090 136 30 PT10/2GG
    8/2 W/GRND Twisted THW Pump 2 .030 .045 8 7-Strand 0.533 13.538 197 40 -
    14/3 W/GRND Twisted THW Pump 3 .030 .045 14 Solid 0.380 9.652 89 15 PT14/3GG
    12/3 W/GRND Twisted THW Pump 3 .030 .045 12 Solid 0.425 10.795 125 20 PT12/3GG
    10/3 W/GRND Twisted THW Pump 3 .030 .045 10 Solid 0.460 11.684 180 30 PT10/3GG
    8/3 W/GRND Twisted THW Pump 3 .030 .060 8 7-Strand 0.550 13.970 275 50 PT8/3GG

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