Submersible Pump Cable

Many applications use wires in various instances, there are those that are used on offshore systems while others are used in submerged processes. Some wires are used in the aerial applications while others in the underground systems. More important to note is that all these wires are designed to fit in their areas of applications. So when we talk about Submersible pump, we are basically talking about an electrical device which has a motor coupled to the body. The motor is designed with a hermetic seal. The entire assembly of this device is always submerged into the liquid to be pumped, hence the name submersible pump.

Submersible pumps are generally good. One of their outstanding advantages is its ability to prevent pump cavitation. Pump cavitation is a problem experienced with almost every pumping process, you cannot dread this problem especially when you use other pumps like jet pumps. Pump cavitation is as a result of high elevation difference between a pump and the surface of the fluid to be pumped. It is within the benefits of the submersible pump cable that this pump can work out rightly well compared to other pumps like jet pump.

Talk of a cable that will sustain your submersible pump and guarantee it longevity with efficiency at work. Talk of a cable that can stand against the moisture without getting damaged or corroded. You definitely will need a specialized product for your pumping process, a cable that can stand the harsh conditions without letting you down, and that is why we introduce to you the submersible pump cables. These cables are designed with vast features and categories to fit your demand. Nassau electrical supply has a wide variety of purely and highly designed products. These products are from the top notch cable producers, no misgivings; they have been rigorously refined and thoroughly tested. No iota of doubt should come to your mind when you consider purchasing your cables from Nassau.

The cable is specifically designed for the submersible pumps used in the deep wells, or any other similar condition. Now, these conditions are harsh and that is why this cable is well designed to stand and work without causing plunder in the process. For such applications, the cable needed must be durable and reliable since the installation environments can sometimes be extremely hostile and restrictive. Remember some of the submersible pumps can be used in either fresh or salt water, therefore it is required that the cable is designed so as to fit both the divides. It should also be fitting for applications in direct burial installations.

Generally speaking, a submersible pump cable is applied in very restrictive areas of installation. Looking into all these considerations, a submersible pump cable must be well designed; the manufacturers must ensure they factor in all these considerations in order to produce effective cables. Shapes and sizes of the cable span within a range depending precisely on your preference and usage of the pumping machine. The pump cables are made in either single or multiple conductor types, they can may be flat or round in cross section.

Types of the Submersible Pump Cables
Pleasure is mine to cordially share with you in plenary the top quality cables from Nassau. Nassau offers a wide variety of submersible pump cables with various features; it is your right to make your choice. Here are the various types of submersible pump cables.

Armored Submersible Round Cable
You desire a cable to use as the power cable. A cable with maximum protection needed for direct burial installation then you should not turn the other way. Here is the cable that meets your urgent needs. Armored Submersible Round Cable fits for use in the submersible pumping process. It has a profound and sturdy insulation made of the XLPE, a material that guarantees absolute and plenary protection of a cable from any corruption.

The voltage rate for this cable is 600V which deserves for low and medium loads. It is necessary to consider your load before you make the decision of purchasing a cable since use of a wrong cable can cause fatal problems with your pumping process. This type is an MC type cable and is available in a range of sizes from 14-500 MCM. The cable is sold with categories of two or three conductors without ground. Should you admire these features of the cable, then why hesitate? Place your order and get the sufficient service you have been looking for.

Flat Submersible Pump Cable, 2 & 3 Conductor W/ Ground 600 Volts.
This is the heavy duty/ double jacketed cable that is good for you. The Flat Submersible Pump Cable is appropriate for use within the well casings for wiring deep wells with either fresh or salt water submersible pumps. With its proper design with adequate insulation system from polyvinyl chloride and nylon, the cable has all it takes to serve your submerged pump without fear of breakdown.

A good conductor cable must bear all that is required for good and appropriate conduction. One of the key features of a good cable is its efficiency of conduction. This cable is made from soft and bare class C copper material. It is this copper, a leading conductor, which makes this cable an exceptional cable for you. The design of the cable using copper is within the confines of ASTM B3 provisions. With a huge range of sizes from 14 to 500 MCM, you stand a chance to get any size of this cable that fits for you.

Talk of its insulation, the cable has an insulation system which is heat and moisture resistant. The polyvinyl chloride used in this making meets the requirements of the UL 83 for type THHN and THWN cables. This insulation is thick enough to allow no moisture or any other interfering agent into the wire. Being suitable for use in both wet and dry conditions with up to a maximum temperature of 90 degrees Celsius, there are few cables with these capabilities.

Flexible Hydroflex Rubber Submersible Pump Cable
There are certain locations with cold weather and high ampacity requirements, these areas call for a specialized cable designed to fit such applications. It should be necessary to consider this cable if you want a submersible pump cable that can work well for you in cold locations. Besides, the flexibility of the cable allows it to be also used in mining applications. One key feature for a cable to be used in these harsh and intolerable conditions is the cable’s capacity to provide adequate security to the system. Of course this security comes by a sturdy insulation system.

The Hydroflex cable has three conductors without ground. It is appropriate for 600 to 2000 volts loads. This Flat Rubber Submersible Pump Cable is for use within well casings to do wiring for submersible water pumps in deep wells. Its capacity to defy all odds and do well in these adverse conditions is because of the strong insulation made from Ethylene Propylene Rubber. This insulation is augmented with a sturdy outer jacket made of Chlorinated Polyethylene Rubber. When we talk of the cable being appropriate for low temperatures, we mean a temperature as low as -40 degrees Celsius. This cable is good for you and Nassau does well by providing a wide range of sizes of this cable such as from 4 to 500 MCM.

Fracking/Methane/Natural Gas Impact Cable 600 Volt
This is another one, designed with exceptional features for extra hard usage where flexibility and durability is grievously desired. The jacket is sturdy and designed with extra abrasion or impact resistance ability hence it minimizes any chance for damage when operating in the severe conditions. Insulation system is heat and moisture resistant, made from polyvinyl chloride which is a good material for sturdy insulation. Its tight HDPE jacket helps to minimize any chance of gas migration which consequently reduces the possibility of jacket ballooning.

Being made of copper material which is soft and has good conduction property, it is safe to settle for this wire. The design is in accordance to the ASTM B3 and ASTM B8. Due to its unique design features, this cable is fitting for use in deep well submersible fracking, methane and natural gas applications where the temperature limit exceeds not 75 degrees Celsius. Make a reliable decision and consider this cable for your submersible gas pump.

Heavy Duty Flat Submersible Pump Cable
When you hear of the word ‘heavy duty’ you must probably be thinking of a tough and elaborate thing. This cable is in no doubt a tough elaborate and adequately designed cable. The design meets the duty it is supposed to discharge. It is another proficient product from Nassau electrical. This cable is fit for your need, it is suitable for use within the well casings for wiring submersible pumps in deep wells of either fresh or salt water. Being double jacketed, it is considered heavy duty and suitable for harsh conditioned applications. The insulation system for this cable is basically made of nylon and polyvinyl chloride which serve as reliable and sturdy insulation materials. At Nassau, this cable is sold with a wide range of sizes from 14 to 500 MCM.

Other types of submersible pump cable include:

General Construction of the Submersible Pump Cables
The conductor typed used for every cable really matter. When the conductor is not good, the cable is dubbed 'bad' and is likely to find no market. Generally, we can say that all the hybrids of submersible pump cables are made of copper as the conductor. Copper is excellent in conduction therefore it is safe to say these cables are very good in conduction. Besides that, copper is soft which gives it the quality of ease to bend during installation. This softness is also a hallmark, a brand for all the cables made from copper.

Matters security cannot be trivialized. The security of the cable and the user are very essential that is why this cable is designed with reliable, durable and sturdy insulation features. The material used is polyvinyl chloride or nylon which are good insulation materials.

Salient Lessons for Installation of Submersible Pump Cable
During installation of a submersible pump, the movable parts of adapter slides down together with the half fitting bolt which is stationary. They slide through the well casing hence creating a 90 degrees waterproof connection.

When a pump fails to work, it is not necessarily that there is something amiss with it, sometimes the wires are damaged. At least as often, lack of appropriate functionality is due to the worn insulation of the pump wires. This wearing out of the insulation can be as a result of movement against the metal well casing from inside. Frequent stops and starts of a submersible pump, after several years may cause the wires to grow thin, exposing bare copper which may lead to fatal short circuit.

To ensure you get quality products and services, ensure you buy products which are certified by the standardization authorities. Nothing hurts much as to buy a cable which should serve for five years only for you to discover a tremendous fault with the wire within the first five months of use. Many a greedy businesses have mushroomed and they are out to loot money from you irrespective of whichever fishy method they use. To evade this trap, buy cables which are certified. The Submersible Pump Cable of Nassau is certified by:

Submersible Pump cable is one among many resilient, tamper-proof and reliable cables. It has vast advantages that should help you make the decision of buying it. So for installation of your submersible pump, consider wires from Nassau electrical, a cable shop that is dedicated to provide you with quality products. The cables have been tested and proven to be up high in terms of quality.

Buying the Product
All these types of Submersible Pump Cables plus other more products are available at Nassau electrical. The choice to buy is yours but before you commit your money in any purchase of electrical cables, it is important to note all these issues that have been addressed in this post. It should be very true that good cables are available, it is equally true that poor cables are also available and are being sold in the market. Watch out, get informed so that you don't fall pray for the mischief. Have all the important facts pertaining to the cable features so that you get to identify the cables you want.

There are many producers and manufacturers who love taking the short cuts, they want to use the cheap means to achieve their goals. Nassau electrical is a dedicated cable supplier whose entire objective is to provide cables with high quality, cables from top producers. The certification provision is enough proof to this fact. Visit our premises and meet a wide expanse of quality cables which will awestruck you. In the meantime, we have a wealth of resourceful posts, you can scroll through and read them. Should you have any question, find it easy to contact us via our live chat and our team will be ready to respond forthwith.

Submersible Pump Cable

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