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    For a service cord that offers excellent resistance to oil, water and weather, look no further than the SOOW Portable Cord. SOOW is a portable power cord that is used in thousands of applications where exposure to water or oil is imminent. Also, the cable is designed to withstand the day-to-day abuse from Mother Nature, so the SOOW cable is suitable for installation where weather is a factor. The cable’s resistance to these elements is key to its identity, so much so that in cable terms, the cable’s name, SOOW, symbolizes “Service, Oil-Resistant and Water and Weather-Resistant”. The cable also offers remarkable resistance to solvents, ozone and petrochemicals.

    As if these resistant properties aren’t impressive enough, SOOW Portable Cord is also flame-retardant. The cable’s ability to retard flame is certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a compliance and regulations organization established over 100 years ago. The UL rating is a testament to any electronic, certifying its safety, functionality and efficiency. That being the case, SOOW Portable Cord is a recommended cable for use in locations with an increased risk of fire.

    Despite the SOOW Portable Cord 600V’s rugged construction, the cable also offers superior flexibility. This is due to the cable’s state-of-the art construction. SOOW Portable Cord features bare annealed bunch-stranded copper conductors that align with UL-62. Annealed copper undergoes a process in which the copper metal is heated and then slowly cooled. The process releases internal stress and produces a copper conductor that is significantly more flexible, but offers the same powerful conductive properties. The combination of annealed copper and the bunch-stranded wire construction create an exceptionally flexible and maneuverable conductor.

    The conductors are individually insulated with ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber; a tough but flexible material that protects the conductors from abrasion as well as corrosion due to sunlight, oil, and water. The insulation is color-coded so that the conductors can be identified. A paper tape that is applied between each conductor makes removing the conductors from the jacket much easier. Round fillers are included in the assembly to keep the conductors from shifting within the jacket.

    The cable bears a black chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) jacket that is resistant to sunlight, ozone, water, oil, and abrasion. The SOOW Portable Cord’s CPE jacket is the main member of the cable responsible for the resistant properties this cable boasts. The jacket serves as the first defense against any kind of corrosion that may destroy the cable.

    SOOW Portable Cord has a voltage rating of 600 volts. This cable is used in many heavy-duty industrial tasks. It is related to the SJOOW Portable Cable in construction, but offers more substantial carrying capacity, which is preferred in most industrial settings. MSHA and OSHA endorse SOOW Portable Cord, which speaks volumes about the cable’s ability to function in high-risk areas. Particularly its approval by MSHA, the Mining Safety and Health Association, shows that this cable can handle just about any size task. Mining cables are typically in a class of their own due to the punishing abuse the cables take on a day-to-day basis. However, the SOOW Portable Cord is durable and resilient enough to stand within that group even though it is engineered to perform in a wide range of applications.

    Because it is technically a portable cord, SOOW Portable Cord is often used for construction machinery and power tools. Machinery such as cranes and lifts often employ SOOW because it can be easily installed. Also it is rugged enough to be installed contemporarily and left outside with the rest of the equipment, and can move about with the equipment without being damaged. Once the worksite is ready to be packed up, the cable can be easily uninstalled and reinstalled at the next site. Power tools used in any job from a one-man shop to a corporate construction site can use SOOW Portable Cord to effectively provide reliable amperages to power them.

    The cable’s water resistance makes it a popular cable in shipping, dockside and marine applications. Offshore platforms, shipping docks and other coastal structures often rely on SOOW Portable Cord because of its ability to function even when fully immersed in water. Also its jacket is rugged enough to withstand damage from seawater and sea air over time.

    Similarly, it is trusted by many oil companies to power their oil drilling rigs, both onshore and offshore. Crude oil is an extremely corrosive material. It can dissolve an unworthy cable in weeks. However, SOOW Portable Cord’s design makes it impervious to oils corrosiveness and, similar to its water traits, can be immersed in oil without showing a hint of deterrence. Not only is its oil-resistance key to its ability to function on a drilling platform, but its resistance to abrasion is a key reason the cable is suitable for such a brutal industry.

    SOOW also offers an impressive temperature range. It is rated for temperatures between -40°C and 90°C, which allows it to be installed in most regions around the world. There are very few environments that SOOW cable cannot perform in. The Arctic and Antarctica are the only places that challenge the cable’s ability to tolerate extreme cold. SOOW offers an excellent cold bend radius so if the cable is exposed to extreme cold, it still offers significant flexibility. Cold bend radius is a measurement of a cables ability to bend under cold conditions compared to its flexibility under normal conditions. This quality is important because the cable is able to be installed in extremely cold locations and will not snap under stress.

    SOOW’s heat tolerance is possibly even more impressive, being able to handle temperatures up to 90°C. 90°C converts to 194°F. There are no regions on Earth that produce temperatures that are too high for SOOW. Only some industrial locations will generate static temperatures over 90°C.

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    Type SOOW Flexible Cords are permitted for use as specified by Article 400 and related articles of the National Electrical Code. Some typical applications for Type SOOW Cords include wiring for portable tools, portable appliances,equipment, small motors and associated machinery.

    Rubber Jacket. Temperature Range: -40C - 90C. Extra Flexible Stranding. Abrasion resistant. Resists oils and Solvents. Flame resistant. Ozone resistant. Water resistant. UL Listed.

    (AWG or KCMIL)
    Number of Conductors in Cable Nominal Insulation Thickness (Inches) Size AWG Stranding Diameter Complete Cable (O.D.) (Inches) Weight Per 1000ft Total (Lbs.) Allowable Ampacity 90C (Amps)
    SOOW 18/2 2 0.030 18 16 x 30 0.345 70 10
    SOOW 18/3 3 0.030 18 16 x 30 0.365 80 10
    SOOW 18/4 4 0.030 18 16 x 30 0.390 95 7
    SOOW 16/2 2 0.030 16 26 x 30 0.370 80 13
    SOOW 16/3 3 0.030 16 26 x 30 0.390 95 13
    SOOW 16/4 4 0.030 16 26 x 30 0.420 115 10
    SOOW 14/2 2 0.045 14 41 x 30 0.510 135 18
    SOOW 14/3 3 0.045 14 41 x 30 0.535 170 18
    SOOW 14/4 4 0.045 14 41 x 30 0.575 205 15
    SOOW 12/2 2 0.045 12 65 x 30 0.570 195 25
    SOOW 12/3 3 0.045 12 65 x 30 0.595 225 25
    SOOW 12/4 4 0.045 12 65 x 30 0.650 270 20
    SOOW 10/2 2 0.045 10 104 x 30 0.620 250 30
    SOOW 10/3 3 0.045 10 104 x 30 0.660 290 30
    SOOW 10/4 4 0.045 10 104 x 30 0.715 355 25
    SOOW 8/3 3 0.060 8 133 x 29 0.855 485 40
    SOOW 8/4 4 0.060 8 133 x 29 0.980 670 35
    SOOW 8/5 5 0.060 8 133 x 29 1.075 790 28
    SOOW 6/3 3 0.060 6 133 x 27 0.980 700 55
    SOOW 6/4 4 0.060 6 133 x 27 1.080 875 45
    SOOW 6/5 5 0.060 6 133 x 27 1.200 1015 36
    SOOW 4/3 3 0.060 4 133 x 25 1.140 920 70
    SOOW 4/4 4 0.060 4 133 x 25 1.260 1150 60
    SOOW 4/5 5 0.060 4 133 x 25 1.365 1400 48
    SOOW 2/3 3 0.060 2 133 x 23 1.330 1355 95
    SOOW 2/4 4 0.060 2 133 x 23 1.460 1690 80
    SOOW 2/5 5 0.060 2 133 x 23 1.580 1960 64

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