1. Industrial Cord
    1. Diesel Locomotive Cable 2000 V DLO 1000 V CSA
    2. Diesel Locomotive Cable 2000V EPR
    3. Stage Lighting Cable 600V UL Type SC and CSA
    4. Type G-GC Round 2KV Portable Power Cable
  2. Plastic Cord
    1. Type SEOOW 600 Volt Non-UL Portable Cord
    2. Type SJT 105C 300V UL CSA Portable Cord
    3. Type SJT 300V UL CSA Portable Cord
    4. Type SVT 300 V UL CSA Portable Cord
    5. Types SJTOW and STOW 300V and 600V UL CSA Portable Cord
  3. Portable Cord
    1. Multi-Conductor Type SOOW 600V UL CSA Portable Cord
    2. Prysmian and Draka Cable BOSTCORD Portable Cord 600V Cable
    3. Prysmian and Draka Cable BOSTFLEX Control Pendant & reel control cable 
    4. Prysmian and Draka Cable BOSTCORD Portable Cord 600V Cable
    5. Prysmian and Draka Cable BOSTFLEX Control Pendant 600V Cable
    6. Prysmian and Draka Cable BOSTGARD Soaking pit 200C stainless steel armor 600V Cable
    7. Prysmian and Draka Cable INDUSTRITE C-FLEX Power and Control 600V Cable
    8. Prysmian and Draka Cable BOSTREEL Power Reeling Cable 5,8 and 15 KV Cable
    9. Prysmian and Draka Cable Crane Spreader Reeling 75C to -40C 600V Cable
    10. Prysmian and Draka Cable INDUSTRITE C-FLEX Power and Control 600V Cable
    11. Prysmian and Draka Cable Multimode Fluoropolymer and Neoprene Jackets Festooning Cable
    12. SEOOW Portable Cord 600V
    13. SJEOOW Portable Cord 300V
    14. SJOOW Portable Cord 300V
    15. SJOOW Portable Cord 300V Yellow Jacket
    16. SJTOW Portable Cord 300V
    17. SOOW Portable Cord 600V
    18. SOOW Portable Cord 600V Yellow Jacket
    19. STOW Portable Cord 300V
    20. Super Vu-Tron Supreme Types SJOOW SOOW 300 and 600 Volt
  4. Rubber Cord
    1. Carolprene Type SVO 300V Cable UL CSA Portable Cord
    2. Super Vu-Tron Type SO 600V
    3. Supreme Types SJOOW SOOW 300 and 600 Volt
    4. Supreme Types SJOOW SOOW with GenClean 300 and 600 Volt
    5. Type SJ 300V Cable UL CSA Portable Cord
    6. Type SJOOW 300 Volt UL CSA Portable Cord Carolprene Jacketed
    7. Type SJOOW 300V UL/C UL Portable Cord Carolprene Jacketed
    8. Type SOOW 600V Non-UL Portable Cord Carolprene Jacketed
    9. Type SOOW 600V UL/C UL Portable Cord Carolprene Jacketed
    10. Types SJOOW SOOW 300V and 600V UL CSA Portable Cord
    11. Types SOOW SJOOW 300 and 600 Volt UL CSA Portable Cord
  5. Type W Single, Multi Conductor
    1. Type W Power Cable Round
  6. Carol Double Jacket Drill Cord 600 Volt
  7. Carolprene Jacketed Type SOOW 600 Volt
  8. Carolprene Welding Cable 600 Volt
  9. Carolprene Welding Cable 600 Volt MSHA Approved
  10. HW252 Perfect-A-Flex 600 Volt UL Type TC
  11. Jumper Cable 5000V-15000V Red Jacket
  12. Multi-Conductor SOOW
  13. Stage Lighting Cable
  14. Super Vu-Tron Welding Cable 600 Volt UL
  15. Welding Cable

Portable power cord; all you need to know about a portable power cord

In the modern developing world constant supply of electric current is required to power up industries, companies and even our homes. Therefore we need reliable cables that can perform these tasks effectively; this is where the portable power cord becomes useful. It is able to supply power to industries with minimal failures. These cables are designed to be durable and reliable hence they save the customer money and the trouble of searching for other cables once spoilt. These cables and many others can be found at Nassau electrical, a renowned supplier of wire and cable products.

On this post I will share with you the specific details, features and the wide range of portable power cords found at Nassau electrical. Let’s get on to the details.

When it comes to the construction of this type of cable, it has a conductor, insulator, cable shield, cable armor and a cable jacket. With this type of cable design the portal power cords are easily adapted to its applications and environment.

The conductor is at the core of the cable and is responsible for transmission of electric current in the cable. Therefor e the material used should have a relatively conductivity rate hence ensures easy transmission of power. The main material used in this case is copper because of its superb electrical properties.

The insulator of any cable is an important part that requires to have outstanding features. The insulator ensures there is no live contact between the user and the conductor. This prevents hazardous accidents that may occur to the user. For the insulator it’s appropriate to use a material that is not conductive to electric current and also robust enough to resist external forces that may bring damage to the cable. When we talk about the insulator the commonly used material for portable power cord is Premium-grade, color-coded 90ºC EPDM or in some cases silicone rubber depending on the type of portable power cord.

Cable shield
Quite a number of the portable power cords have a cable shield but others do not have depending on type of the cable and its application area. The shield’s function is to prevent interference from electromagnetic waves that may affect transmission of power within the cable.

Cable armor
The cable’s armor protects the cable from harsh external forces that may bring damage to the cable. With the armor installed in a cable, it can therefore withstand higher stresses which make the cable durable from damage.

Cable jacket

Cable jacketing ensures maximum protection of the conductor from all sorts of damage either physical or chemical. This makes the cable durable and lasts longer. The material used in this case should be resistant to abrasion, oils, sunlight and flames. Material used can differ from cable to cable depending on type and the application. The commonly used type of material is thermoset compound, CPE and EPDM. Some of the portable power cords have a tissue-paper separator around the assembly to ensure easy removal of the jacket.

Features and benefits of portable power cord
The portable power cord has numerous benefits and features which makes it a reliable cable when it comes to power supply. To begin with this type of cable is designed to withstand severe environmental conditions this in turn enhances the durability of the cable. The cable’s jacket is indent printed which helps in easier identification of the cable. The jacket is also reinforced which makes the cable excellent in impact, crush and tear resistant. This ensures the cable gives the best results even in harsh conditions.

A sequential footage marking is also present on the cables jacket, this helps to avoid wastage and guess work during installation since it is based on measurements. The jacket also has different colors to choose from it just depends with the preference of the customer. Offers high flexibility even in extremely cold temperatures, therefore this cable can be used in applications that involve extremely low temperatures. The conductor is tinned to prevent corrosion and is also oxidation-resistant which makes the conductor durable.

The cable is also stranded which enhances flexibility of the cable and makes the cable very efficient in applications where by a lot of bending is experienced. It’s also safety-colored which enhances high visibility of the cable. When you purchase these cables you are assured of a longer service life, saving money in replacement costs, maintenance cost and downtime which in turn gives the end user durability at pocket friendly prices.

The cable has been designed to operate in a wide range of temperatures with its rating standing at 900Celsius for dry areas and -500 Celsius for extremely cold temperatures. Good tensile strength, elongation and aging characteristics are some of the amazing features exhibited by this cable making it long lasting. Some of these cables have a cleanable rubber jacket which makes it easier to clean the cable enhancing the attractiveness of the cable.

It’s required by law that portable power cords meet the UL standard which checks the working voltage of the cable and temperature range. In addition the cable is also OSHA accepted.

Temperature range is between -500Celsius to 900 Celsius, others may have a higher or lower temperature range depending on the type of portable power cord.

In most portable power cords the voltage rating is 600 volts while others can go up to 15 Kv for heavy duty applications and others just 300 volts.

Certification and approvals
It’s always advisable to work with products that have been tested and proven safe to use by international standards. Before purchasing any cable product it is essential to check if it is complaint with the necessary international agencies. If it’s not compliant with the necessary standards it is advisable to not go for it. This is to ensure you buy the right cable which is less likely to cause any problem. One place that you will be sure to find certified products is at Nassau electrical. The types of environment these cables work in tend to be harsh hence the cable is normally taken through the CSA flame test. Other industrial approvals include;

  • RoHS Compliant
  • MSHA Approved
  • National Electrical Code (NEC)
  • ICEA S-95-658/NEMA WC70

With the above industrial approvals you can be rest assured that your cable is safe for use and meets the required international standards.

Types of portable power cords
There are various types of portable power cords across the market all performing different duties. It’s advisable to choose the right cable for your application. The following are the types of portable power cords that you may come across in the market;

Nassau electrical is a supplier of all types of cables and wire products including portable power cords. We supply a wide range of cable products to meet your desired needs. Our products at Nassau electrical include;

Applications of portable power cords
By now I am certain that you have gone through our array of products on our website for sale. The portable power cord can be used in various applications either light or heavy applications depending on the type of cable. The application areas of these cables are as follows;

  • Used in Diesel electric locomotives
  • Used as flexible power leads in cable trays
  • Used in mining and earth-moving equipment
  • Can be used for up to 2000 volts as power cables in wind turbine generator applications
  • Used in wiring for various large appliances including industrial machinery and washing machines
  • Used in construction sites for lighting and supplying power.
  • Power supply in welding applications
  • Can be used in severe environments where constant supply of power is required
  • Can be used in portable tools and equipment such as extension cords, foot switches, pendant, limit switches and welding carts
  • In flexing applications where flame, oils, abrasion, moisture, impact, tearing and acids are common
  • It can also be used in some marine applications though it’s not a marine cable it can still function relatively well
  • Can also be used in cranes

Why go for portable power cords
As earlier hinted in this article cord is very durable, easy to install and very cheap to maintain. This ensures that you don’t have to dig deep into your pockets to enjoy the benefits of these cables. These cables are also very flexible and bend easily hence they can maneuver around and properly fit in applications where a lot of bending is experienced. These cables can as well withstand any type of chemical abuse subjected with the aim of jeopardizing their quality.


Before settling for the right cable it’s essential to do proper research on the cable and read various articles in order to make the right purchase decision. Rushing to purchase these cables without proper investigation may lead to buying the wrong one. Getting the right cable builds the customers confidence and hence growing our business that’s why we ensure you get the right cables for your applications.

Where to get a portable power cord
You can find these cables in various markets across the country but it’s best to consult the appropriate cable and wire suppliers because some suppliers out there don’t sell genuine products and are just interested in your money. This is where electrical comes in; we are a reliable supplier of cable and wire products, we keep the needs of our customers beforehand.

We have a team of trained experts that will enlighten you on our products. If you have any query contact us on our live chat on our website and we will gladly respond to your queries. We appreciate you for taking your time to read this post.

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