• HW282 SHIELDED TRIADS INSTRUMENTATION CABLE 0.6/1kV Unarmored 110°C Gexol® Insulation Individually Shielded Triads

    HW282 SHIELDED TRIADS INSTRUMENTATION CABLE 0.6/1kV Unarmored 110°C Gexol® Insulation Individually Shielded Triads

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    This is a soft annealed tinned copper strand designed as an instrumentation cable. It is made for harsh marine environments. The conductor is coated with tin to increase its resistance to corrosion and oxidation and improve its thermal properties. The tin coat makes it work well in high temperature environments. The high strand count makes the cable highly flexible for easy installation. Tin is also easy to solder and this improves its workability. The cable is used in applications of up to 110 degrees Celsius and voltages between 0.6KV to 1KV.

    • Designed and constructed for the demanding environments of offshore drilling and petroleum facilities
    • Uses as a marine shipboard cable
    • This instrumentation cable has found usage in gas protection equipment, fire protection systems, CO2 systems, smoke detectors, and communication systems within the demanding marine and drilling environments.

    • Flame retardant cross-linked polyolefin
    • An insulation material made of cross-linked polyolefin is used to protect the conductor strands. The insulator is resistant to elements such as chemicals, fire, and UV light. It is also considered halogen free and reduces dangerous gaseous emissions that would occur under flame or fire exposure.

    • Black, arctic grade
    • A jacket of arctic grade PVC is used to offer more protection to the insulator. It is a material resistant to chemicals, flame, sunlight, and oil.

    Armor and sheathing : A bronze armor of basket weave wire is used as armor for the conductor. A sheathing material made using arctic grade PVC is also used to offer more protection from things like oil, UV light, abrasion, chemicals, and flame.

    The triads : The conductor has triads twisted using a bare tinned drain wire and every triad has been shielded using an aluminum foil tape made of a polyester back to provide 100 percent coverage. There is also triad to triad isolation and overall shield.

    • High strand count conductors make this product extremely flexible, easier to install and more resistant to vibration than Type MC, IEC spec or commercial cables.
    • Lower dielectric constant and higher insulation resistance reduces electrical losses.
    • Excellent resistance to moisture produces stable electrical properties throughout the life of the cable.
    • In fire conditions, non-chlorinated flame retardant system produces less toxic and less corrosive gasses.
    • Dual certified IEEE 1580 Type P and UL 1309/CSA C22.2 No. 245 Type X110.
    • Highest ampacity ratings: ABS 100°C, DNV 95°C, LRS 95°C, Transport Canada 95°C
    • Severe cold durability: exceeds CSA cold bend/cold impact (-40/-35° C)
    • Flame retardant: IEC 60332-3 Category A and IEEE 1202

    No. of Pairs Nominal Diameter
    Weight Product Code
    18 1 0.354 75 HW282 01801 /
    18 2 0.649 183 HW282 01802 /
    18 3 0.688 190 HW282 01803 /
    18 4 0.755 281 HW282 01804 /
    18 5 0.871 286 HW282 01805 /
    18 7 0.947 409 HW282 01807 /
    18 8 1.026 515 HW282 01808 /
    18 12 1.244 766 HW282 01810 /
    16 1 0.376 86 HW282 01601 /
    16 3 0.735 218 HW282 01603 /
    16 4 0.807 410 HW282 01604 /
    16 6 1.012 630 HW282 01606 /
    16 7 1.012 710 HW282 01607 /
    16 8 1.090 729 HW282 01608 /

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