• Type SHD-GC-15kV

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    Type SHD-GC-15V is a cable designed to be used on AC mining machinery as a trailing cable. It makes for perfect use in working environments that need connections with high voltages such as shafts, mine tunnels, and mine load areas. This wire is a particularly good choice for use in working areas that need conductors with internal ground checks for a higher level of safety. You can use the cable in environments of temperatures between -40°C and 90°C and up to 15,000 volts. Other places where you will often find this cable in use include quarries, gantry cranes, open-pit mines, and power draglines & shovels. Because of the cable’s easy portability, it is also used in working environments where frequent relocations occur.

    Type SHD-GC-15V cable has excellent moisture, heat, oil, steam, chemical, radiation and corona resistance. It is notably flexible, making handling quite easy. This wire has high dielectric strength and low dielectric loss. It also maintains electrical stability even under stress and resists impact, cutting, sunlight, abrasion, and flames. The wire’s impressive thermal stability over an extensive temperature range makes it a useful cable in high voltage environments. It is specially designed with a reinforced 2-layer jacket to provide increased protection from incessant mechanical damages that portable cables often endure. The simultaneous vulcanization and extrusion of both insulation and strand shield create an almost perfect electrode and as a result, eliminate unequal electrical stress.

    Its grounding is made up of coated copper and its jacket is a heavy-duty, 2-layer, lead-cured and reinforced Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE). Its insulation is made up of Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR) and is colored to bring a contrast with the layers of the conductor that are black in color. Type SHD-GC-15V wire is Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) approved. It also meets the standards set by the Insulated Cables Engineers Association (ICEA S-75-381) and the National Electrical Manufacturer Association (NEMA WC58).

    Applications: This cable is designed for high voltage connections between power distribution systems in mines, mine tunnels, shafts, and mine load centers where continuous monitoring of the ground system is required. This cable is suitable for installation in Ducts, troughs, tray or direct burial for nonflexing service.

    Construction:Conductor is stranded annealed copper enveloped in a strand shield. Insulation is Ethylene Proplylene Rubber (EPR) or Cross Linked Polyethylene (XLPE). Assembly is semi-conducting tape and a metallic tape shield with grounding conductors consisting of two bare grounds and one 8-gauge insulated ground check that are cabled together in the interstices of the power conductors and fillers are added to make round. A single faced rubber filled tape is applied overlapped. Jacket is Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE). Standards Conforms to ICEA S-66-524 (NEMA WC8).

    (AWG or KCMIL)
    Number of Conduc
    -tors in Cable
    Nominal Jacket Thick
    -ness (Inches)
    Nominal Insulation Thick
    -ness (mm)
    Ground Wire Size AWG Stranding Diameter Complete Cable (O.D.) (Inches) Weight Per 1000ft Total (Lbs.)
    Size AWG No. Strands.....
    SHD-GC - 2 Gauge 3 .235 210 6 133 2 133 2.41 2950
    SHD-GC - 1/0 3 .250 210 4 133 1/0 259 2.64 3650
    SHD-GC - 2/0 3 .250 210 3 133 2/0 259 2.73 4250
    SHD-GC - 4/0 3 .265 210 1 259 4/0 259 3.05 5930

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