• Amercable Tiger Brand Type G Flat 2/C Mold-cured Jacket 2000 Volts Mining Cable 36-320

    Amercable Tiger Brand Type G Flat 2/C Mold-cured Jacket 2000 Volts Mining Cable 36-320

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    The demand for a highly durable cable in mining applications is on the rise. In mining applications, constant supply of electric current is required and this cannot be made possible without the use of these cables a set of special cables, the type G mining cables. Mining is very essential in obtaining of valuable minerals underground. This process is made easy by use of cables that supply power.

    Generally in mining applications there are numerous external forces that can affect the proper functioning of this cable; hence a cable with high resistance to external forces is required. This is where the type G cables come in handy since it is highly resistant to external forces. The type G cable can withstand all the abuse and punishment you can dish out. Mining companies all over use these cables in a variety of mining operations. On this post I will share with you the important details on the type G cable currently found on sale at Nassau electrical; Nassau electrical is a renowned market leader in the supply of wire and cable products.

    This is an example of a cable that’s affordable and most importantly guarantees you top notch performance in mining applications. Let’s get on to the details.

    The technology behind the type G cable
    When selecting a wire and cable products many questions may cross your mind for example what’s the cable operation environment and its effects to the cable? How is the installation done? What’s the cables adaptation to function properly on the environment being installed in? The type G cable works perfectly in temperatures ranging between -40 degrees Celsius and 90 degrees Celsius and the voltage ranging between 600v and 2000v.

    Mining cables as I hinted earlier are required to be highly resistant to damage caused by rocks and other abrasive forces present in mining areas. The type G cable meets this requirement whereby it has a flat construction, the flat shape takes in much of the impulses exerted on the cables by boulders. This is enough proof that the cable can provide maximum safety power supply even under tough conditions.

    Moreover, this cable is also designed to withstand chemicals, heat, acids, alkalis and oils. In mining applications ground monitoring is essential and this is a property that the type G cable has. It has ground check conductors that monitor the ground for maximum safety. This makes the cable safer for use than other conventional building wires. The cable jacket is also reinforced with two layers to provide for maximum resistance against cutting, abrasion, flames and impact. In manufacturing of type G cables a rope lay stranding is used enabling it to have maximum flex life, this also increases the surface area for conduction ensuring maximum power conveyance in a system. With that in mind, I guess you now understand has mechanical strength for heavy duty applications.

    Components of the type G cable
    The conductor
    Like many other cables the type G cable is not left behind in terms of a conductor. This is the innermost part of the cable; it transmits electrical current through the cable from the source to the mining equipment. The conductor in this cable is made of flexible tinned copper or coated annealed copper.

    Ground conductors
    These cables have ground conductors. This enables it to be used as a three phase where grounding is required. The ground conductor is usually tinned copper with a green covering that mostly acts as an insulator.

    Ground check conductors
    This cable is quite unique from other cables. For instance this cable has ground check conductors and as hinted earlier it monitors the ground for maximum safety and provides resistance to flex fatigue. It’s mainly made of uni-directional lay flexible tinned copper. The ground check conductors also have a yellow covering which acts as an insulator.

    It’s essential to have an insulator if there is a conductor on the cable. The insulator mainly protects the cable handlers from direct contact with the conductor. The ground conductors and ground check conductors each have an insulator covering it. The insulation used in this cable is mainly ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR) because the material is thermosetting; a thermosetting material is combusts into a fire resistant resin which keeps the cable safe in case of a short circuit or fire breakouts.

    Cable jacket
    The cable jacket is mainly designed to protect the inner parts of the cable from external forces that may damage the cable or other physical damages that may adversely affect its capability to transmit electrical current. The jacket in type G cable is extra heavy duty. As hinted earlier the cable jacket is reinforced with two layers to minimize the effect of these forces. A thermoset compound or a Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE) can be used as a jacket. Colored jackets are readily available.

    Jacket markings
    On the jacket there are certain markings that give information on cable’s ratings, manufacturer and its specifications. On the jacket may also be sequential footage markings, these markings eliminate guess work and wastage of the cable.

    Types of type G cables
    There are many types of these cables for you to choose from, it all depends with your area of application. It’s very important for you to have the right information on which type to choose from because a wrong choice of cables could be disastrous in mining applications. Here are some of the options readily available at Nassau electrical:

    1.Amercable Tiger Brand Type G Flat 2/C Mold-cured Jacket 2000 Volts Mining Cable 36-320

    2.Amercable Tiger Brand Type G-GC Flat 3/C Mold-cured Jacket 2000 Volts Mining Cable 36-322

    3.Amercable Tiger Brand Type G-GC Round 3/C Mold-cured Jacket 2000 Volts Mining Cable 36-442

    4.Anaconda Brand Type G Power Flat Parallel Portable w/Ground EPR CPE 2000 Volts Two Conductor

    5.Anaconda Brand Type G-GC Power Flat Parallel Portable w/Ground-Check EPR CPE 2000 Volts Three Conductor

    6.Anaconda Brand Type G-GC Power Round Portable w/Ground Check EPR CPE 2000 Volts Three Conductor

    7.Type G and Type GG-C Industrial Power Cable

    8.Type G-GC Round 2000 Volt Portable Power Cable Super Vu-Tron Canadian

    Choosing a type G cable
    By the time you make the crucial decision on what cable to settle on I’m quite certain that you’ll have gone through the array of products currently available on our online store and settled on one or two whose features impressed you. There are different in classes in each cable. You just need to keenly look on the details in order to choose your desired cable. The type G cables can be classified in to flat parallel cable, round cable and conductors. In terms of conductors it can be further classified in to number of conductors or if there are ground check conductors or not. But they are mainly classified in two which is type G cable and type G-GC cable.

    Flat parallel cable
    This category of type G cable has a flat construction. This type of construction maximizes the resistance to damage of the cable. It offers protection against crushing rocks and run overs. This type of construction also ensures minimal or no shifting of conductors under the jacket. This is the type of cable to go for when you’re looking for a cable that can withstand heavy duty work.

    Round cable
    This category of type G cable has a round construction. This construction type ensures maximum flexibility and easy handling. This cable is also not exceptional in performing heavy duty work. The main difference between this cable and the flat parallel cable is that this one has many protective layers whereby the jacket has two layers for maximum protection.

    In terms of conductors the type G cable can be further classified in to number conductors. Some of the cables have either two to three conductors. It all depends with the weight of the job to be done. Some of the type G cables also lack ground conductors. This type of cables can be used in applications that don’t require grounding. In addition, the type G cable can also be classified in to conductor size. Some of the cables have larger conductors than others hence these can be used in heavy duty applications.

    Type G-GC and Type G cable differences.
    The type G-GC and type G cable are similar in most ways but there is one characteristic that can be used in defining them. Type G cables have 4 conductors and 4 ground conductors. Meanwhile the type G-GC cable has 2 ground conductors and a ground check conductor in addition to its 3 conductors. The abbreviation in G-GC stands for “ground with ground check” meanwhile in type G the G stands for ground conductors only.

    The cable’s features are the unique characteristics that enable a cable to function properly. The type G cable has a variety of features that makes it unique from other cables that you can grab from any cable store. For instance some of these cables have a flat construction which ensures maximum resistance from damage caused by run overs and crushing. When it comes to the insulator they are D-shaped for preventing conductors from shifting under the jacket. As mentioned earlier there are also ground check conductors in this cable.

    The cable also has high flexibility for easier handling. Due to the tough materials used this cable is highly resistant to moisture, oil, chemicals, radiation, heat, cutting, abrasion, impact, flame and sunlight. The cable also has an excellent thermal stability through a broad range of temperature which makes it suitable in both wet and dry conditions. When it comes to cable jacket some of the type G cables have two layers reinforced that ensures maximum protection for the cable. Presence of rope lay stranded conductors which enhances flexibility and prevents wire breakage. The cable also has Non-wicking rubber fillers and a Canadian color code. For easier identification an indent is printed.

    Ratings and approvals
    It’s always recommended to purchase approved products, products that have been tested and proven for use by international standards. At Nassau electrical, we only supply products that have been tested and proven to be the purported quality by the following standards:

    • Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA), meets flame test requirements
    • Insulated Cable Engineers Association, design standard for mining cables
    • Pennsylvania Department Of Environmental Protection
    • Tiger Brand Mining Cables meet or exceed ICEA standards
    • Canadian Standards Association File
    • UL 1650 Standard for portable power cables
    • RoHS compliant
    • UL 1581 Reference Standard For Electrical wires, cables, and flexible cords
    • CSA Flexible Cord

    Packaging of the cables is usually done by cutting of the lengths of the cables in order. The cutting of lengths is done appropriately by the use of sequential footage markings.

    Applications of type G cables
    The type G cable can be used in various mining applications to supply power. These applications include:
     • Used on D.C. off-track mining equipment. It’s especially designed for D.C. shuttle cars, cutting, drills and loading machines.
     • Used on A.C. off-track mining equipment. Whereby it functions in A.C. shuttle cars, cutting, drills and loading machines.
     • They are also designed for use in applications whereby grounding conductors are necessary.
     • Can also be used in trailing cables on AC mining equipment.
     • Can be used on three phase AC systems where 3 to 4 conductors are needed and grounding is required.
     • They can also provide heavy duty services as a power cable for mobile and portable electrical equipment.
     • Can also be used in light and medium duty mining applications.

    Benefits of using a type G cable in mining applications
    There are various benefits that come along with using type G cables for your mining applications. Apart from giving out top notch performance in mining facilities other benefits that come along with it include:
    • It makes work easier in mining facilities. 
    • It increases confidence of users in mining related applications. 
    • The cables are durable and affordable hence saves you money. 
    • It ensures safety of miners. 
    • It can function in a wide range of temperatures.

    Buying safety and security cables
    These cables are the best to choose from if you are looking forward to improve or create a mining facility. However buying these cables is not that easy. You must be on the lookout in choosing a reliable and renowned supplier. Nassau electrical is an example of such a company. We supply high quality cables to our customers and we’ll be glad to work with you.

    If you have any query about the cables, please feel free to get in touch with us via the live chat on our website and we’ll gladly respond to your questions.

    power conductors Grounding conductors nominal
    lbs. per
    1,000 ft.
    amercable and
    tiger brand
    part number
    no. of wires
    no. of wires
    6 133(7x19) 60 8 270(6x45) 0.56 x 1.02 500 95 36-320-006
    4 259(7x37) 60 7 180(6x30) 0.61 x 1.15 660 127 36-320-004
    2 259(7x37) 60 5 168(6x28) 0.73 x 1.35 990 167 36-320-002
    1 259(7x37) 80 4 168(6x28) 0.81 x 1.55 1230 191 36-320-001
    1/0 259(7x37) 80 3 204(6x34) 0.93 x 1.67 1540 217 36-320-010
    2/0 329(7x47) 80 2 246(6x41) 0.99 x 1.85 1870 250 36-320-020

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