• RSCC Aerodefense Surprenant HTNR Military Wire 600V -55C to +125C Cable

    Product Details

    A soft annealed tin plated copper wire with strands. This conductor cable is designed for military applications. The plating on the copper made of tin enhanced the thermal performance of the cable. Tin makes the wire to be easily soldered. It also improves the resistance of the wire to corrosion and oxidation at higher temperatures. It is used in operations of up to 125 degrees Celsius and applications needing up to 600 volts.

    • For use in high voltage, high temperature applications
    • This wire has found usage in military applications because of its great resistance to flame and fire and the zero halogen properties.

    • Gray extruded layer of cross-linked polyolefin insulation
    • An insulation made of cross-linked polyolefin is used to offer protection to the wire. Polyolefin offers great resistance to chemicals, ultraviolet rays, and fire. Since cross-linked polyolefin is considered halogen free, when used as an insulation material, it offers safety. The material releases no harmful fumes when burned.

    • Arctic grade polychloroprene (neoprene)
    • A jacketing made of heavy-duty arctic grade polychloroprene provided protection to the insulation. Neoprene or polychloroprene is a synthetic thermoset rubber that is usually vulcanized to allow it obtain the desired qualities. This material is regarded as extremely resistance to abrasion, oil, chemicals, cut-through and solvent. It has a long service life and is used in a wide range of temperatures. Neoprene is also flame retardant as well as self-extinguishing. The arctic grade polychloroprene is flexible yet durable.

    • Specification 10626721
    • 125°C conductor temperature, 600 volts

    @20ºc Ω/kft
    RSCC Aerodefense
    part number
    awg stranding material
    8 133/29 tc .701 .310 83 htnr13329u055 s-htnr-8
    6 133/27 tc .445 .355 115 htnr13327u055 s-htnr-6
    4 133/25 tc .280 .415 179 htnr13325u055 s-htnr-4
    2 665/30 tc .183 .495 269 htnr66530u065 s-htnr-2
    1 836/30 tc .149 .540 329 htnr104530u065 s-htnr-1
    1/0 1045/30 tc .116 .620 460 htnr104530u065 s-htnr-1x0
    2/0 1330/30 tc .091 .650 528 htnr133030u065 s-htnr-2xo
    3/0 1666/30 tc .071 .700 628 htnr166630u075 s-htnr-3x0
    4/0 2107/30 tc .056 .800 829 htnr210730u075 s-htnr-4x0
    250 2499/30 tc .046 .860 980 htnr249930u086 s-htnr-250

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