• RSCC Aerodefense AD1044ZH-12 Wire Lightweight Low Smoke Zero Halogen Wire

    RSCC Aerodefense AD1044ZH-12 Wire Lightweight Low Smoke Zero Halogen Wire

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    This is low some zero-halogen wire is made of soft annealed tin plated copper and is designed for use in military applications. Its tin coating makes the wire perform well in environments that exhibit high temperatures. The coating reduces the effects of corrosion and oxidation on the wire especially at high temperatures. Tin coating allows the wire to be easily soldered. AD1044ZH is a modified wire that provides an alternative option to the M81044 type of aerospace wire. This lead wire has excellent temperature and voltage rating and when combined with the superior characteristics it exhibits, it can perform well in many applications.

    • For use in high temperature environments and where high density cabling as well as harnessing are required.
    • It may be considered for use in applications that require smaller diameter and lightweight wire.
    • Used in operations of up to 150 degrees Celsius
    It may be used in military vehicles, missile, shipboard, avionics, airframe, and other applications.

    • Irradiation cross-linked extruded polyalkene
    • An insulation material consisting of cross-linked polyalkene is used to protect the wire. Cross-linked polyalkene provides an excellent resistance to abrasion, cold flow, cut through, shrink back, common chemicals, and notch propagation. This insulation material strips off and stripes easily. Its low smoke characteristics make the wire to be used in applications where safety is needed. Cross-linked polyalkene also has good outgassing characteristics and offer good radiation resistance.

    • Extruded high temperature alloy
    • A jacketing material made of high temperature alloy is used to protect the insulation against extreme heat, fire, or flame.

    • Soft annealed tin plated copper, stranded
    • Operating temperature:-65°c to +150°c
    • Insulation: irradiation cross-linked extruded polyalkene
    • Covering:extruded high temperature alloy
    • Self extinguishing

    conductor conductor
    resistance @ 20°c 
    Ω/kft max.
    RSCC Aerodefense
    part number
    22 awg 19/34 tc 16.2 2.8 .047 ± .002 ad1044zh-12-22-x
    20 awg 19/32 tc 9.88 4.3 .055 ± .002 ad1044zh-12-20-x
    18 awg 19/30 tc 6.23 6.5 .065 ± .003 ad1044zh-12-18-x
    16 awg 19/29 tc 4.81 8.2 .072 ± .033 ad1044zh-12-16-x
    14 awg 19/27 tc 3.06 12.7 .089 ± .004 ad1044zh-12-14-x
    12 awg 37/28 tc 2.02 19.4 .108 ± .004 ad1044zh-12-12-x

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    RSCC Aerodefense AD1044ZH-12 Wire Lightweight Low Smoke Zero Halogen Wire

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