Low Voltage and Tracer Energy Cables

Power supply cables are used to transmit electricity from the power source to where we have it at the switch. These cables are designed to serve at different voltages. As the name suggests, a Low Voltage Cable helps in the transmission of low power voltage used in our various residential and commercial buildings. A Low Voltage Power cable is a bare stranded soft drawn copper wire as per ASTM standards of B-3 and B-8, insulated with a polyvinyl chloride normally colored black for easy identification. It is manufactured for direct burial for use in lighting applications. It has a PVC insulation which is very important because it protects the user from shock and the cable from mechanical and chemical damages.

A Tracer energy cable on the other hand, is a solid copper wire insulated with LLDPE which stands for a Linear Low Density Polyethylene. LLDPE is categorized as a high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE) that provides chemical and mechanical protection. It comes as a solid copper wire per ASTM specifications and is normally colored yellow, green or blue. As the name suggests a tracer cable is appropriate for direct burial and used to enhance tracing and detection of underground utility system.

At Nassau Electrical Supply we offer a wide variety of power cables to our customers all over the worldand we’d be very glad to be your supplier of choice for these set of cable products. Our cable products are top quality and in line with the approvals of Underwriters Laboratory (UL) specification standards including the Low Voltage and Tracer Energy cable. We value our customers and give them quick response whenever they contact us.

There are many types of Low voltage and Tracer energy cables. Here’s is an outline of the various types:
ABS Type 6UTP Cable
ABS cable is made of a solid copper conductor that comes in two pairs twisted together. Solid copper conductor is insulated with HDPE to create a barrier between the live wire and the neutral path thus enhancing conductivity. After the insulation, the copper conductor is covered with an inner sheath of Low Smoke, Zero Halogen that is flame retardant which is armored with a bronze braided 28 AWG interlocking strip. The armored assembly is then encased with another outer sheath of LSZH Polyolefin.

Do we need ABS Type 6UTP power cable? This is a cable worth going for because it is cost alternative especially when used in cable trays or conduit installation system, as you will cut cost on buying traditional interlocking strips. ABS cable is also armored and this means that it is a cable that can support itself particularly when installed vertically. LSZH Polyolefin inner and outer sheath is also flame retardant hence offering a double protection to the cable in case fire outbreak occurs. It is tested and approved by the UL specification standards for; 

  • Smoke: IEC 61034-1 and -2, MIL-24643B & NES 711
  • Flammability Test of IEC 60332-3-22
  • Armor: IEEE 1580 & IEC 60092-350
  • Halogen Content test: IEC 60754-1 and -2 

Arctic Grade CCW Cable
An Arctic Grade cable consists of four pairs of bare annealed copper conductors as per ASTM standards B3, insulated with a fluoropolymer. Two pairs of these copper conductors are twisted together with LHL, which refer to Left Hand Lay. Pair one conductor is coded white/Blue, P2: White/Orange, P3: colored White/Green and P4: White/Brown. Color coding is to help with easy identification. The Arctic cable inner jacket and inner sheath are of fluoropolymer and the black PVC respectively. It is armored with a Continuously Welded and Corrugated (CCW) aluminum alloyed sheath, which is protective against crushing and corrosive chemical.

Why go for Arctic cable? This cable has a flame retardant PVC coating which is also moisture resistant thus keeping the cable dry at all cost, to prevent fluctuations in power supply. It is also corrugated with an aluminum alloyed sheath that is strong enough and also makes the cable cost effective. Arctic cable is approved by the UL Flame test of CSA FT4 and IEEE 1202, and compliances specification of UL Listed NEC type ITC-HL. It is designed for both indoors and outdoors installation in wet or dry environments and can also be used with cable trays, raceway and for direct burials.

Fieldbus Arctic Type MC-HL 600V CCW Cable
Type MC-HL Arctic cable has two annealed solid copper conductors as per ASTM, Class B stranding coated with a cross linked polyethylene insulation. The two pairs are coded blue and orange in each pair respectively for identification purposes, which are individually shielded with an aluminum polyester binding tape. It is then covered with an inner sheath of black PVC and armored with CCW aluminum alloyed as per UL 1569 and UL 2225. Arctic MC-HL CCW cable is jacket with an outer layer of PVC as well.

You need this cable because of its double walled PVC protective layer which is flame and moisture retardant. CCW is metallic and can withstand crushing and creates a barrier to moisture, gas and other liquids. This cable is also cost effectiveespecially when installed in conduit system and can support itself during vertical installation. It is suitable for application in the raceways, cable trays and for direct burial as well. It meets the Flame Tests of CSA FT4 and IEEE 1202, Compliances of: UL Listed, NEC Type MC-HL, 600V etc.

Profibus Type ITC-HL 300V Cable
Profibus cable comes as a pair of annealed stranded copper conductor as per the ASTM standards insulated with a purple fluoropolymer twisted together with LHL. The two copper conductors include the live wire coded red and the neutral path wire colored green, for easy identification that is important especially during installation to avoid confusion. Copper conductors are then shielded together with an aluminum polyester layer of tape and a tinned braided copper overall to prevent the conductors from overlapping. Conductor’s assembly is coated with a PVC and armored with the CCW with respect to the grounding specifications of NEC article 250.

It is no doubt that this cable has unique features that make it tailored to meet its applications. The live and neutral copper wires are insulted with fluoropolymer to create a boundary between them to enhance conductivity of electric current. PVC is used to secure the cable from flames and also to ensure that it is moisture free. It is also armored with an interlocking aluminum alloyed CCW which supports the cable during installations. This cable can be applied in high speed Profibus communication automated system. It is in line with the flame tests of UL: CSA FT4 and IEEE 1202 and Compliances of NEC type ITC-HL, UL Listed, 300V, CT USE etc.

Low Energy Circuit 18 Gauge Cable
Low Energy 18 Gaugecablecomes as a two bare annealed copper conductors, insulated with a black PVC which is flame retardant and also gas, liquids and moisture protective.This cable is simple and has no complex double walled insulation because it is used to transmit a low voltage power of 30 to 150 Volt maximum. It can also withstand low temperature of as low as -25C up to 60C, therefore you don’t need to worrywhen installing it in low temperature areas. Energy Circuit cable is in accordance to the UL 493 specification standards. It is applied in installations of direct burials.

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Cable
It is a two bare annealed copper conductors each insulated with a high grade polyvinyl chloride, to form a paralleled Landscape Lighting power cable, which has raised ridges on one leg for easy polarity identification. As the name suggests, the Low Voltage power cable is designed with a voltage rating of 30 Volt and an operating temperature of as low as -25C up to 60c. This cable meets the approvals of Underwriters Laboratory tests and normally preferred in installation applications of Land-scape Lighting.

Why go for this cable? It is flexible and require less energy during installation. It is insulated with a flame retardant PVC that protects the cable against fungus, flame and also keeps the cable free from moisture. Power cables should be insulated to avoid shocking the electricians handling them, as well as acting as a protective measure to the cable.

LSZH 5e UTP Type ABS Cable
LSZH simply refer to Low Smoke Zero Halogen. Type 5e UTP cable is a two pair of copper solid conductors insulated with HDPE twisted together. The copper conductors are color coded white, blue, green, orange or brown for easy identification. These conductors are then wrapped with an inner sheath of LSZH polyolefin that is black in color and armored with a braided bronze. An outer sheath of LSZH polyolefin jacketing encase all these assemblies.

Type 5e UTP cable meets the requirements of the UL approvals standards which include; Flammability test of IEC 60332-3-22 Category A, Smoke: IEC 61034-1, Halogen Content: IEC 60754-1 & -2, Armor: IEEE 1580 and IEC 60092-350. This is a cable of choice when applied in cable tray installations as an interconnect cable. It is also appropriate for installations in vessels’ quarter areas. Type 5e UTP cable is advanced with an inner and outer sheath LSZH which is flame retardant.

LSZH Type 6UTP Cable
Just like Type 5e UTP cable, the Type 6UTP cable similarly has two pairs of stranded copper conductors insulated with HDPE with the same color coding. However, the only difference is that type 6UTP cable has a single flat tape sheath of LSZH whereas 5e UTP cable has both the inner and outer LSZH sheath. This cable has an operational temperature rating of -20c up to 75c, thus can perform in wet environmental conditions with a voltage rating of 300V.

You can as well go for Type 6UTP cable if you don’t need a more complex power cable like its type 5e UTP counterpart. Similarly, it meets all the required approvals of UL specification standards and ranked a top quality product suitable for vessel quarter installations. It can also be deployed in cable tray where it can as well be used as an interconnecting cable.

LSZH Type 7S Armored Cable
LSZH 7S Armored Cable consists of two pairs of stranded copper conductors as per ASTM insulated with FHDPE and twisted together to form a varying pair lays. Conductors are coded;

  • P1: White, Blue and P3: White, Green
  • P2: White, Orange and P4: White, Brown 

The color coding is majorly for easy identification to avoid unnecessary confusion during installation. Each of the pairs is reinforced with an aluminum polyester tape to hold them tightly together, and covered with LSZH polyolefin inner sheath. Just as the name suggests, 7S Armored cable is armored with the braided bronze and coated with an outer LSZH polyolefin sheath. It is approved to be in line with the specification standards of the UL Flammability, Smoke, Halogen content, and Toxicity, Acidity and Armor approvals. Go for this cable because it offers a self-support for vertical cable tray installations, where it can as well be used as an interconnecting cable.

Sprinkler Wire for Maxi
It is a simple power cable with two concentrically stranded tinned copper conductors insulated with a flame retardant and moisture resistant polyvinyl chloride (PVC), to form the UL UF singled conductor which is jacketed with LLDP. LLDP refers to a Linier Low Density Polyethylene jacketing that incorporates to form a Sprinkler System Wire that is applied in direct burials for Maxi Control system installations, with a temperature ratings of -65 to 75C and a voltage capacity of 600V.

Sprinkler wire meets the UL labelling and printing standards and as simple as it looks, will as well give you easy time during installation because it is flexible enough and thus relieve you from using excessive effort to bend and pull along. You are right to make it your cable of choice in your power line system.

I believe you found sufficient information you needed about Low Voltage and Tracer Energy Cables. The cables are readily available at Nassau Electrical and we’d be glad to be your supplier of choice. If you need help with making an order or getting a quote for our cable products, visit our website  Nassau Electrical and we’ll be glad to help you out.

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