• Radix Wire ETFE 200 10KV High Voltage Lead Wire

    Radix Wire ETFE 200 10KV High Voltage Lead Wire

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    This is a stranded tin-coated or nickel plated copper wire made for installations in high voltage applications. Tin and nickel are considered highly resistant to corrosion. They are also thermally enduring and can work well in high temperature environment. Tin coating on the copper wire makes it easy to be soldered while a nickel plating on the wire makes it easily welded. A nickel coated copper wire may be soldered but it requires active flux.

    • Applications up to 200 degrees Celsius and high voltage operations needing up to 10KV
    • The conductor cable is ideal for use as a gas ignitor wire. It is used in heating and air conditioning units, furnaces, gas water heaters, oven ignition systems such as the piezoelectric spark ignitors, and in range top burners.

    • Modified ethylene tetrafluoroethylene - copolymer (*Tefzel® 750)
    • This lead copper wire is insulated with a Modified ethylene tetrafluoroethylene or Copolymer (*Tefzel® ETFE 750). This insulation material has good mechanical strength. It is tough and resistant to chemicals and heat. The insulation has good flexibility and improved retention abilities after aging at increased temperatures. Flexibility is needed for easy servicing and maintenance of the cable installations. It’s long service life at high temperature environments makes it an ideal material for insulating copper wires used in extreme temperatures.

    • Outstanding chemical and fluid resistance
    • Heat age and ozone resistant
    • Easily stripped and terminated.

    # strands outer dia.
    outer dia.
    wgt - lbs
    per 1000 ft.
    wgt - kg
    per km
    ul radix wire
    part number
    22 7 0.0600 1.52 3.84 5.71 10202, 10185 fpa22p007
    22 3 0.0620 1.57 3.82 5.69 10202, 10185 fpa22t003
    20 7 0.0670 1.70 5.10 7.59 10202, 10185 fpa20p007
    18 7 0.0750 1.91 7.17 10.67 10202, 10185 fpa18t007

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