• Radix Wire UltraLead High Temperature Lead Wire 250C 300V and 600V

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    This stranded nickel-plated copper cable has been designed to work in areas exhibiting extreme high temperatures. With a nickel coating, the copper wire is able to perform well in environments susceptible to corrosion effects. Nickel itself is highly resistance to corrosion. A nickel-coat improves the electrical conductivity of the cable while ensuring excellent thermal stability. The coating also works to prevent loss of clarity in high frequency or radio frequency applications. In applications demanding high chemical resistance and thermal performance, the cable works pretty well.

    • Applications of up to 250 degrees Celsius and in operations of up to 600 volts. Can work in applications of up to 450 degrees Celsius.
    • For use in lighting, heating, and appliance wiring
    • For use in applications where out-gassing is a problem
    • The cable may be used to wire appliances, heating, and lighting equipment in industrial environments particularly where high temperature is experienced. The wire is used in epitaxial reactors, photolithography equipment, and chemical vapor deposition systems. This cable is engineered for use in applications that witness out-gassing problems. Out-gassing involves release of gases from materials that have been frozen, dissolved, trapped, or absorbed in time of a manufacturing process. If you are doing wiring for equipment used in high vacuum environment for manufacturing processes for instance, cleanrooms where the level of contaminants should be extremely low, you may want to use wires that have eliminate out-gassing problem. It is also used for industrial heating, appliance, and lighting wiring. It can provide wiring for floodlights, oil fired furnaces, gas fired furnaces, infrared ovens, kilns, and band heaters.

    • Fiberglass serve with high temperature impregnation
    • A fiberglass insulation material is used to protect the wire. The insulation has been undergone a high temperature impregnation meaning it protects the wire against extreme heat or flame. This material is also resistant to moisture and chemicals.

    Jacketing- Outer covering
    • Braided fiberglass with a high temperature finish
    • A high temperature finish braided fiberglass jacket is used to protect the cable. The outer covering ensures that the cable performs well in areas witnessing extreme temperatures or heat.

    • Engineered for applications where out-gassing may be a problem
    • Factory rated up to 450°C
    • Uniform diameter for close tolerance installations.

    # strands outer dia.
    inches outer
    dia. mm
    wgt - lbs
    per 1000 ft.
    wgt - kg
    per km
    ul csa radix wire
    part number
    ultralead™ 250c/300v
    20 7 0.092 2.34 7.30 10.86 5167 awm i a/b ft1 aoe20p007
    18 19 0.102 2.59 9.56 14.22 5167 awm i a/b ft1 aoe18p019
    16 26 0.114 2.84 13.29 19.77 5167 awm i a/b ft1 aoe16p026
    14 41 0.128 3.23 18.71 27.84 5167 awm i a/b ft1 aoe14p041
    12 65 0.145 3.68 27.01 40.19 5167 awm i a/b ft1 aoe12p065
    10 105 0.171 4.34 41.67 62.01 5167 awm i a/b ft1 aoe10p105
    ultralead™ 250c/600v
    24 7 0.096 2.44 6.18 9.19 5347 awm i a/b ft1 ape24p007
    22 7 0.101 2.54 7.40 11.01 5347 awm i a/b ft1 ape22p007
    20 7 0.106 2.69 8.79 13.08 5347 awm i a/b ft1 ape20p007
    18 19 0.115 2.92 11.30 16.81 5347 awm i a/b ft1 ape18p019
    16 26 0.127 3.23 15.11 22.48 5347 awm i a/b ft1 ape16p026

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    Radix Wire UltraLead High Temperature Lead Wire 250C 300V and 600V

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