• Radix Wire TemperGard FZ101 High Temperature Lead Wire 250C and 400C 600V

    Product Details

    A stranded nickel-coated copper wire designed for use in extreme high temperature environments. The copper wire bears a nickel coat that enhances its performance while reducing corrosivity.Nickel tends to have high resistant to corrosion effects. It has good mechanical properties including the ability to reduce high frequency loss meaning the wire has better performance when used to transmit signals over long distances. The nickel coating on the copper cable ensures excellent electrical conductivity and thermal performance. It is used in applications that demand excellent thermal as well as chemical resistance. This cable is recommended for indoor use.

    • Used in applications of up to 250 degrees Celsius in long periods. For shorter periods of applications, it can be used in applications of up to 450 degrees Celsius.
    • Used in operations of up 600 volts
    • This cable has found an extensive use in wiring of commercial food service equipment including ranges, ovens, stoves, and dishwashing machines. It is also ideal for use in cartridge and band heaters, kilns, heat treating furnaces, and heaters. It may be used in high steam boilers and other heating equipment.

    • Reinforced MICA and PTFE tapes - Heat sealed PTFE moisture and fluid barrier
    • An insulation material made of reinforced mica is used to protect the nickel-coated copper wire. Mica is a stable insulation material when exposed to elements like moisture, light, electricity, and extreme temperatures. When used as an insulator, it offers superior electrical conductivity. It can support electrostatic fields while at the same time dissipating less energy as heat. The thermally stable material allows it to be used in applications where extreme heat is exhibited.

    The jacketing material
    • Braided fiberglass with a high temperature finish
    • An outer covering made of braided fiberglass is used to offer more protection. This material has a high temperature finish to ensure the cable performs excellently in extreme heat.

    • Moisture, oil, fluid, and abrasion resistant
    • Fire resistant, with low smoke properties
    • Withstands mechanical abuse
    • Not recommended for outdoor use

    # strands outer
    wgt -
    1000 ft
    wgt - kg
    per km
    ul csa radix wire
    part number
    22 7 0.084 2.13 5.8 8.63 n/a n/a blt22c007
    20 10 0.090 2.29 7.3 10.86 n/a n/a blt20c010
    18 16 0.098 2.49 9.5 14.13 n/a n/a blt18c016
    16 26 0.108 2.74 13.0 19.34 n/a n/a blt16c026
    14 41 0.127 3.23 19.1 28.42 n/a n/a blt14c041
    12 65 0.141 3.58 27.4 40.77 n/a n/a blt12c065
    10 105 0.179 4.55 42.4 63.10 n/a n/a blt10c105
    8 133 0.228 5.79 65.9 98.07 n/a n/a blt08c133
    6 133 0.270 6.86 97.6 145.25 n/a n/a blt06c133
    2 133 0.432 10.97 249.8 371.76 n/a n/a blt02c133

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    Radix Wire TemperGard FZ101 High Temperature Lead Wire 250C and 400C 600V

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