An interlocked armor cable has a wide variety of applications. These types of cables may be installed both indoors and outdoors, and they may be used in a rack, tray, trough, or cable tray. They can also be buried or strung across aerials. This makes these cables very versatile and useful in a wide variety of areas. These cables may be found in use in processing plants, manufacturing areas, factories, substations, and power generating stations.

Interlocked armor cables may be used in hazardous locations. They have been approved for use in NEC Class I and II, Division 2, and Class III, Division 1 and 2 hazardous environments.

Interlocked armor cables may be classified as a number of different types, including Type MCEPR, Type MCXLP, and Type MC Copper THHW-2. There are a number of different specifications that are unique to each cable type, including construction and minimum requirements.

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