TUBE LOOP DETECTOR CABLE - IMSA Specification 51-5 - HDPE

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    TUBE LOOP DETECTOR CABLE - IMSA Specification 51-5 - HDPE

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    IMSA 51-5 Tube Loop Detector Cable - HDPE is a single concentric (bunch-stranding) unshielded 19-stranded bare copper inductance loop conductor, encased in a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) nylon jacket, available in either black or orange, with PE loose tube outer sheathing.  51-5 HDPE cables are available in both 12 and 14 AVG in both PVC and PE configurations and possess a temperature range of 60 degrees Celsius and voltage rating of 600V.   PVC and PE configurations ensures further customization of the traffic cable.

    It is ingrained by pavement saw cutting or implanted through underground duct installation at traffic intersections to facilitate ease-of-traffic signal induction.

    The applications of 51-5 cables range from vehicle detection for traffic signal changes to aiding a traffic systems control unit in calculating traffic flow numbers. The 51-5 HDPE cable’s light, touch-sensitive construction makes it a high-performance detector cable in both traffic count accuracy, reliability and durability

    Product Highlights:

    • The 51-5 HDPE tube configuration has a cable weight range of ~ 29-22 lbs/MFT between both 12 and 14 AWG configurations, making it slightly lighter than the 51-5 PVC cable.
    • Most commonly used to detect vehicle for traffic signal changes and aiding traffic system to control the flow of traffic
    • Options of either PVC or PE tubing in the 51-5 series allows for further traffic cable customization

    Technical Standards:

    51-5       Polyvinyl chloride insulated, nylon jacketed, loosely encased in a polyvinyl chloride or a polyethylene tube loop detector wire

    Outer Jacket
    Thickness Inch
    Outer Jacket
     Thickness mm
    Nominal O.D.
    Weight lbs/1M' Product Code
    14 .030 .762 .250 6.35 30 8450E
    12 .030 .762 .250 6.35 36 8480E

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