• Superior Essex Cable IMRDWS Solid bare Copper Cable

    Superior Essex Cable IMRDWS Solid bare Copper Cable

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    IMRDWS is an aerial wire designed for use in extending communications service (voice, data, and/or video) to a subscriber premises from the distribution point. This product has additional capabilities over the standard IMRDW product because it contains a shielding screen. The conductors are wrapped within a metallic aluminum shield to insulate them from interference and thus provide high-quality digital transmission. In addition, a drain wire runs longitudinally the length of the wire to drain off Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI). Without shielding and a drain wire, noise can be introduced into circuits from high voltage AC power lines, machinery with motors, x-ray systems, TV sets and AM radio stations. Shielding also lessens the chance that DSL or other high frequency transmission protocols will interfere with other signals on adjacent cables.

    • 3 mil foil shield with drain wire
    • Black, polyethylene jacket
    • Rip cord

    • Provides high-quality digital transmission medium for xDSL technologies and, when properly grounded, removes spectrum interferences
    • Provides tough, flexible protective covering that withstands exposure to sunlight, atmospheric temperatures and stresses encountered in standard installations
    • Facilitates jacket removal

    Conductor: Solid bare copper

    Insulation: Polyolefin

    Core Assembly: Individual conductors carefully twisted into pairs to minimize resistance unbalance and cross-talk

    Shield: 3 mil foil shield with drain wire

    Jacket: Black polyethylene

    Rip cord: Placed parallel to the core

    Support Wire: “Figure 8” configuration utilizing a 0.109 inch, solid, extra high strength, steel support wire

    Standards Compliance:
    • ICEA S-89-648 as applicable
    • RoHS-compliant

    dimensions approx.
    standard length
    ft (m)
    package Superior
    Essex Cable
    part number
    in (mm)
    in (mm)
    22 (0.64) 6 0.32 (8.1) 0.60 (15.3) 95 (142) 2,133 (650) reel 10-061-29
    22 (0.64) 6 0.32 (8.1) 0.60 (15.3) 95 (142) 5,000 (1,524 reel 10-040-29

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