• Superior Essex Cable 24 AWG 25 Pair Category 5e Shielded CMR Cable

    Superior Essex Cable 24 AWG 25 Pair Category 5e Shielded CMR Cable

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    This 25-pair, 24 AWG, Category 5e Tin Copper Shielded Cable is utilized to connect equipment within a remote terminal cabinet or within a Central Office (CO). Tight twist lays offer superior crosstalk performance for supporting digital subscriber line (xDSL) technologies and higher IPTV data speeds. Assembled with a cable connector on both ends, the combination facilitates quick installation within the cabinet. The cable is manufactured with a blue or gray colored double jacket separated by a single aluminum foil shield for additional Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) reduction and added protection for the twisted pairs.

    • Small outside diameter
    • Vibrant insulation colors
    • Performance compliance with ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 specification

    • Facilitates routing within a remote terminal
    • Easier identification of conductors
    • Provides cost-effective solution

    • Tinned copper

    • Polyolefin

    • Aluminum foil

    • Flame retardant PVC

    Jacket Marking
    • Printed at 2 foot intervals; information includes product identification, pair count, UL information and sequential lengths in feet and meters

    Input Impedance Ohms
    • 100 ± 15 @ 1-100 MHz

    Nominal Velocity of Propagation%
    • 69

    Performance Compliance
    • ASTM B33 - Tinned Copper
    • UL® 444
    • CSA C22.2 No. 214-08
    • UL 1666
    • ANSI/TIA-568-C.2
    • RoHS-compliant/RoHS 2-compliant

    NRTL Programs
    • UL, c(UL) Listed CMR

    • Remote terminal connecting cable
    • Central Office cable

    awg (mm) pair
    in (mm)
    package superior
    essex cable
    part number
    24 (0.5) 25 green 0.57 (15) 145 (216) 5,000' reel 55-779-19
    24 (0.5) 25 gray 0.57 (15) 145 (216) 5,000' reel 55-789-19
    24 (0.5) 25 blue 0.57 (15) 145 (216) 5,000' reel 55-799-19

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