• Prysmian and Draka Cable Mini FlexTube Duct dielectric Optical Cable

    Prysmian and Draka Cable Mini FlexTube Duct dielectric Optical Cable

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    Product Details

    Overview: Prysmian’s Mini FlexTube® dielectric cable with its small diameter is optimized for outdoor installations in duct by pulling or blowing. The cable can also be used in aerial lashed applications. With extremely flexible “kink-proof” micro modules, the cable allows faster terminations in closures and provides easy routing of modules. The micro module design allows easy finger access to fiber (no tools) in both end and mid-span applications.

    Product Snapshot:

    Applications: Multi-purpose outdoor – duct and aerial lashed

    Construction: All- dielectric

    Fiber Count: 12 fibers bundles up to 288f

    Fiber Types: Single-mode, bend-insensitive fiber

    Performance: IEC 60794-3-11

    Features and Benefits:

    Micro Module Unit Design:
    • Very soft and flexible module material provides an extremely flexible, effectively “kink proof” unit
    • No tube memory, extreme flexibility, and small diameter allows for easy routing of units in closures.
    • The small micro units have very little gel, making them practically gel-free which makes cleaning easy
    • Finger strippable module, even in mid-span applications, with no tube removal tools required
    • Micro module is not affected by mid-span express unit storage,longer lengths can be stored in closure

    Easy Cable Entry and Preparation:
    • Fast access to fibers; easy to remove module material without tools
    • The small 1.3mm unit has ¼ the volume of conventional 2.5 mm tubes
    • Store 3.5 times more units or length in the same space
    • Small micro modules allow for storage in smaller closures
    • Up to 50% time savings in mid-sheath closure installations
    • G.657.A2 bend insensitive fiber allows for smaller tube or fiber radius storage. Use smaller closures or splice trays

    Optimized Jetting Performance in Duct Applications:
    • Compact, small diameter cable design reduces cable space up to 40%
    • Smaller cable diameter improves blowing performance

    Nominal Design Parameters
    fiber count micor moule od cable od cable weight max. installation tension
    (mm) (mm) (inches) (kg/km) (lb/kft) (lbf) (n)
    24-48 1.3 8 0.31 50 34 225 1000
    72 1.3 10 0.39 70 47 360 1,600
    144 1.3 11.5 0.45 90 60 495 2,200
    288 1.3 14 0.55 140 94 607 2,700

    performance specifications
    bend radius

    20 x cable od
    10 x cable od
    crush resistance
    short/ long term
    3 impacts, r=300mm
    temperature ratings
    -30 to +60
    -5 to +40
    -40 to +70
    -22 to +140
    +23 to +104
    -40 to +158

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